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Restaurant equipment are items that contain food, beverages and decorations in the restaurant. The main restaurant items include: knives, forks, food trolleys, buffet pots, decorations, bar, tea and coffee … These are important items that contribute to the perfect service hotel. A modern and classy restaurant equipment set also makes the hotel more professional.

The materials used to make the restaurant’s equipment are diverse, but the most common ones are stainless steel, plastic, glass and wood. Because it’s often use to serve food to customers, therefore it’s not only requires durable, non-toxic but also very high requirements for style. The details in the restaurant set should be consistent with each other in style and at the same time consistent with the general of the restaurant.

However, in order to have the durable equipment in the restaurant hotel owners are facing many difficulties. Because of the high number of products and the difference in materials (porcelain, stainless steel, plastic ware, glassware, etc.), it is difficult to buy in the same production unit. The Retail buying takes a lot of time to select samples and check the quality of each item.

At Star Solutions, every difficulties in hotel equipment and supplies can be solved easily. At Star Solutions we designs, manufactures and sells hotel restaurant equipment with kitchen tools, from knives, coffee bottle to trolley, and conference items. Restaurant supplies provided by Star Solutions are guaranteed quality with designs and materials to the customer’s wishes.

Visit the Star Solutions website for detailed images and descriptions of each product or call the hotline for specific advice.