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Service Trolley is familiar and necessary equipment in the hotel – restaurant, because of convenience, high mobility, safety and looks elegant glossy. This product not only becomes a useful auxiliary equipment for hotel staff to easily perform their duties but also show the professional level of the hotel.
There are now many available trolley models. Opened, type of car cabinets, multi-storey, … for specific use: trolley beverage, wine trolley, cusine trolley … In addition, there are many kinds of multi-storey trolley with integrated Functional, including portable cooker to be able to serve the visitor in the best way.
Depending on the needs of use, frequency of service and investment costs of the hotel to select the appropriate product. With service Trolley products, Star Solutions can offer you a wide choice of designs ranging from 1 floor, 2 floors or 3 floors trolleys, …
Star Solutions offers a wide range of wooden and high-grade stainless steel trolleys that are durable and lightweight, easily to clean. Aluminum wheels are soft rubberized to help to move, helping service staff, not causing any noise to affect the customer.
With many years of prestige in the field of furnishing and hotel equipment, you can believe on us. Please pick up and contact to the hotline number: 094.76.11111 for advice and dedicated service.