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Stainless steel hotel restaurant is a part of restaurant equipment – hotel kitchen. These are stainless steel products used in hotel kitchens, hotel restaurants and hotel bars. With many useful features: durable, beautiful, easy to clean, easy to shape, … stainless steel hotel equipment is applied in many different field, including food rack, wash basin, buffet boiler, food carts, tray top, smoke exhaust system, …

Stainless steel hotel restaurant is not too strange product with staff in the hotel. There are plenty of places to market these products. However, due to many items used in restaurants: food carts, buffet pots … the aesthetic requirements of stainless steel hotel equipment is very high. Regular stainless steel units may not be able to meet this requirement.

At Star Solutions, we have a team of professional designers who can create trolley, bar counter or buffet boiler that is both convenient and stylish. At the same time, as a supplier of hotel equipment with a full range of products: amenities, equipment restaurant – kitchen, utensils, … Star Solutions can setup multiple products for different customers simultaneously. It matchs the hotel style and save time for investors.
As a unit with many years of experience in providing hotel equipment, Star Solutions is confident to bring customers stainless steel kitchenware, durable stainless steel furniture. Contact us via hotline for specific advice.