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How to design a beautiful – exotic – strange restaurant menu template

Restaurant menu need to be eye-catching, unique to bring customers the excitement and fancy. So choosing and designing a restaurant menu template is  quite important, you need to consider carefully and make the right decision.

5 basic tips for designing menu – professional restaurant menu templates:

Before completing a menu, you cannot ignore the idea and design. But there are some of the following tips that will help you get the most complete menu.

Mẫu thực đơn nhà hàng
Restaurant menu template with fancy design, impressive image

1, Select suitable materials:

There is no standard that requires you to choose a menu material. But it put a lot of impact on the image in the eyes of customers when entering your restaurant.

A luxurious, sophisticated space, should choose materials such as leather that are covered over the menu. If you have a restaurant with a tendency of modernity, youthfulness, consider creative and fancy materials. Therefore, choosing the right material, you will get a more complete menu ..

2. Layout in menu design:

The layout in the menu is also quite important in designing a restaurant menu template. You should not use long continuous text because it is easy to get bored. You should arrange the content properly according to the length of the menu. Whereas whitespace also helps you a lot in arranging the layout in the menu.

3. Font in menu:

mẫu thực đơn nhà hàng
Simple, light font still draws attention to customers

You need to choose fonts that are reasonable and consistent with the entire design of the store. When designing you only choose the most 3 different fonts should not abuse too much. The font also represents the characteristics of the restaurant so you should consider it carefully.

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4. Give the most important information:

When you go into a restaurant certainly you do not take the time to delve into the dishes in the menu. But if these are fancy dishes, you will definitely notice it. Therefore, limiting menus and choosing a reasonable layout is the key to solving this problem. You also need to set the content location because customers often prefer to select the first or last row in the menu.

5. Insert the eye-catching images into the menu:

On the menu you can choose more eye-catching images to create attraction for the menu itself. But it should not overuse images as it will confuse customers. Avoid using too many colors on a menu because it will confuse the eye. So you choose the image and adjust it to fit and harmonize with the image of the restaurant.

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  1. Just put the necessary information in your menu to not embarrass the guest.
  2. Customers can see all your products in the menu. But do not leave more than 3 sides of paper because customers will not know what to choose for themselves.
  3. Selecting customers’ vision for price issues. You just need to leave the price of the last word the name of a short range mag without any dots or bars.
  4. The dessert should be set aside to avoid customers seeing it catchy and not paying attention to the main course and appetizers.
  5. Do not capitalize or write everything boldly to avoid annoying the overall menu.
  6. In the description of the dish, you should specify what it includes: chili, seafood … Because some customers are allergic to some spices.
  7. For menus that are designed on both sides of the customer, usually just look at the first and last item. You should place high-profit products here, it will help your restaurant increase revenue quickly.
  8. The balance in the menu design is 10 appetizers, 10 main dishes, 6 desserts and at least 1 appetizer is vegetables.

1. Designing  a restaurant menu template  manually:


mẫu thực đơn nhà hàng

At present, many people prefer simple manual styles but still can create a highlight. You can choose a simple menu of a wooden board in the center of the restaurant. These menus often give customers the excitement and fun to walk to the restaurant.

2. Design  an environmentally friendly restaurant menu template

mẫu thực đơn nhà hàng

Currently, environmental issues are being paid attention by many customers. Therefore, you should create your own menu with eco-friendly designs. This trend is not new, but it will certainly make a good impression on customers.

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3. Design a restaurant menu template in a minimalist way:mẫu thực đơn nhà hàng

When entering a restaurant they do not want to spend too much time choosing food. So you should only include what is needed to not confuse the customer. If you give too little, the customer does not know what to eat that is easy to cause disappointment. So you need to align the menu so that it is most reasonable.

When you have finished reading this article, you may already have a menu template that you like. Nice or bad menus greatly affect the revenue of the restaurant so please consider and choose carefully.

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