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Star Solutions offers automatic hand dryers in restaurants, hotels, and mall centers. Imported directly from abroad, Star Solutions automatic hand dryers feature quick-drying hands with 2 hot and cold wind modes, each with a full warranty. This is one of the typical items of Star Solutions, which are selected by many investors.
Hand dryers are commonly used in public restrooms of restaurants, hotels, mall centers, buildings. They work to dry hands after washing instead of the role of handkerchief. The use of a hand dryer can help modernize the hotel, and help save the cost of buying hand towels, toilet paper. Moreover, in the winter, the use of automatic hand dryers will help customers avoid cold after washing hand, serve customers in the best way.
Hand dryers have the same operating mechanism as the hair dryers, they also have two wind modes: blowing cool air to dry or blow the hot air. The modern hand dryers of Star Solutions have moderate wind speed, not too hot to avoid hand drying. The noise of each machine is very low, no noise, uncomfortable for the user. On the other hand, the design of each product is very diverse in color, style, suitable for many different styles.
Hand dryers are a modern necessity that most modern buildings, hotels and restaurants choose to install. The hand dryer collection is useful, creating beautiful effect and helping the more neatly. To get a quality hand dryer product, please contact Star Solutions for advice and quotations.