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BSP 22 hotel room number sign

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BSP 22 is one of the beautiful model number sign at Star Solutions. This type of sign is highly resistant to corrosion, not affected by environmental factors.

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  • Material: advanced plastic
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BSP 22 is one of the most beautiful number sign models at Star Solutions, designed specifically for hotels pursuing luxurious and noble classic and neoclassical styles.

bien so phong cho khach san

This model number sign possesses a rather sophisticated appearance with delicate lines and patterns with bold characteristics of classical European style.

What kind of material to made BSP 22?

Certainly most people will assume that they are made of metal: alloy, copper, … but not at all, the main material that makes up these trendy number plates is simply high-quality plastic, with this look BSP 22 is very easy to deceive the eyes of the viewer.

biển bảng khách sạn

And in order to create such a perfect look, we cannot help mentioning the copper coating on the surface of the sea, which is also the factor that makes the product more attractive.

Perhaps, the perfection of this BSP 22 number sign model cannot be exactly the same as the products made from real metal, but there is an advantage that it is absolutely superior, which is the ability to resist corrosion, unaffected by environmental and natural factors. Because room plate products made of metal are often difficult to protect against their environment, they are prone to corrosion, rust, especially in hotels located near the sea.

With the aim of bringing to the hotel the best equipment solutions, the products and equipment of Star Solutions always ensure 3 factors: good quality, nice design and cheap price.

So do not wait any longer but contacting us immediately for advice and immediately select the model number of the most beautiful hotel rooms and hundreds of other hotel products and equipment.

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