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BSP 23 – Hotel room number sign

Model room number plate BSP 23 is made of high quality plastic material, copper coating on the surface of delicate patterns and digits in every detail.

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  • Size: Optional
  • Material: Advanced plastic
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With more than 15 years of experience, Star Solutions is known to be one of the leading suppliers of furniture and equipment in Vietnam with thousands of products, amenities and appliances in the hotel room, sanitary equipment, … and the system of billboards and number sign in the hotel.

The number sign of the room is definitely an indispensable component to make the hotel space perfect and at the same time, for the hotel to build its brand identity system. The following model of BSP 23 is one of the designs selected by many investors over the time.

bien so phong khach san tot

This model can change the style very flexibly depending on the hotel owner’s preference and design style of the hotel, from elliptical to square, rectangle… Thanks to high quality plastic materials, so the ability to design textures and mold for this BSP 23 model also becomes much easier.

nhà cung cấp biển số phòng

Although the design may be different, this BSP 23 model loyal to the classy classic design style, exclusively for hotels built in classical, neoclassical or in European style.

Each pattern on the surface of the sign is extremely sophisticated with soft lines. This is the highlight to create aesthetics for the product as well as the hotel space.

mua biển số phòng khách sạn giá rẻ

The model number of this hotel room is made of high quality plastic material, in addition to the copper coating on the surface of the patterns and number. With sophistication and meticulousness in every detail, BSP 23 makes many people admire the almost absolute metal-like design style. If not paying attention, surely many visitors will think that the number plates on the door of the hotel bedroom are from copper or high-grade alloy.

Always exploring and launching new products that match the trend of the times, but still retain the sophistication and art of the classic style, the Star Solution model sign will make investors and their visitors happy.

Contact Star Solutions immediately for advice and find out more about this product line and hundreds of other hotel equipment.


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