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BSP 26 Hotel room number sign

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BSP 26 room number sign is impresses by the style of designing extremely sophisticated copper from designs, colors to lines, patterns.

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The BSP 26 product is a hotel room number plate that dominates the ranking of the most beautiful room number sign in 2017.

This room number sign is impressed by the exquisite style of copper design. From designs, colors to lines, the pattern of BSP 26 makes people mistakenly believe that it is made of the highest grade copper or alloy material.

nhà cung cấp biển số phòng

The main material to make this great product is not copper, nor is it alloy or metal, it is simply high quality plastic. With this material, each embossed pattern with the digits on the surface of the product is designed and molded subtly. The subtly designed delicate lines ensure the highest aesthetics for this model number sign.

mau bien so phong dep nhat

In addition, to make this almost absolute resemblance is also due to the copper coating on the surface of the sign with two main tones of silver and copper. Not only does this BSP 26 look like real copper, it also contributes to adorn the hotel space more luxuriously and lavishly.

With this BSP 26 product, developers can be assured that they will not be corroded or affected by climate or environmental factors such as metal products.

To make your hotel space more perfect, please come to Star Solutions right away to own the most luxurious and fashionable number plate models, along with hundreds of products and amenities.

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