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BSP 38 Hotel room number sign

BSP 38 is made of high quality mica resin with high durability, not corroded by the environment, the smooth surface against dust and easy to clean.

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  • Advanced plastic materials
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A 4 and 5-star high-class hotel with modern architectural style and equipment system of the most comfortable rooms is the ideal segment for this BSP 38 hotel number sign.

This BSP 38 product has a fairly simple “appearance” with a familiar rectangular design. The impressive and attractive point of this number plate is the combination of extremely delicate colors. Black is the main color of the product, this is a color that is highly appreciated for the level of luxury and never worried about fad. Combined with saying that the gold color is extremely prominent, this is the main color to make beauty and class for BSP 38.

mẫu biển số phòng khách sạn giá rẻ

But the eye-catching yellow figure is strikingly and impressively designed on the black background of the sign. The most impressive point here is the design style to reach the level of sophistication, if not a professional in the field, surely many people will mistakenly believe that these numbers are made from real gold plating layer.

The transparent, pressed mica layer on the outside of the product surface is detailed to ensure the quality and durability of the BSP 38. It is like a protective layer so that the details and color inside are not change over time. Moreover, this material is also highly valued in its antioxidant capacity and negative impacts from weather and environmental factors, ensuring products that are longest life “.


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