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DD 06 The outstanding Hotel orange leather set for 5 star hotel

DD 06 is a premium leather suit for 5-star hotels with lots of details from leather folder to information container. This suit is made with a very striking orange color.

  • Product code: DD 06
  • Color: orange
  • Number of details: 18 (may increase / decrease)
  • Material: premium leather
Product code: DD 06 Categories: ,


The minimum product need to order15


Are you looking for a model of leather for your luxury hotel bedroom but have not found a satisfactory product in accordance with the design style as well as the level of the hotel? Then refer to the below set of DD 06 high-end leather products – This is also choice of Pullman hotel & resort.

Bộ đồ da khách sạn màu cam DD 06

As a luxurious 5-star hotel, all Pullman hotel & reort services are highly valued by professionals and visitors. As important items to ensure the level of service for hotel, the high-class DD 06 leather suit is a product worth considering for investors.

Bộ đồ da khách sạn màu cam DD 06

DD 06 products are designed primarily from high quality leather material, this leather line is highly appreciated for aesthetics as well as durability. The leather material has the ability to “protect” very well, when holding will not be left the fingerprints on it, good resistance to mold, long-term use value. In particular, when contaminated with dirt on the surface, just a soft and clean cotton towel, it is easy to clean. Moreover, the preservation of this hotel bedroom leather suit is much simpler and easier.


Hộp đựng giấy chữ nhật 
Rectangle tissue container

The rectangular tissue box is one of the indispensable details in the hotel room suite. The box with length: 24 cm, width: 12.5cm and height is 6.5cm.

Hộp đựng đá
Ice box

Icebox – this is a product that only appears in high-end hotels from 4-star and above. This product is usually set up with a set of leather trays, coffee tea boxes or can be arranged in cup holders and electric kettles tray.

Thùng đựng rác 2 ngăn
2-compartment garbage bin

The 2-compartment garbage bin is super convenient with a compartment for recyclable garbage and cannot be recycled one. It shows professionalism in hotel services. At the same time, helping staff in rooms can shorten the cleaning time.

Giá để thông tin
Price information holder

Prices for information holder are usually located at the hotel reception. It is used for leaflets, hotel information, tours, …

Bộ đồ da khách sạn màu cam DD 06

And certainly, the leather suit in the hotel room cannot lack of details such as: Leather cover book, A5, A4 clamp, control box, tea box – café box, leather tray, …

Thông số kỹ thuật và danh sách các vật dụng có trong bộ đồ da khách sạn Pullman

Thông số kỹ thuật và danh sách các vật dụng có trong bộ đồ da khách sạn Pullman
Specifications and list of items available in Pullman hotel leather suit

To find out detailed information about each product in this DD 06 leather suitcase as well as receive ordering advice, you can immediately contact Star Solutions hotline: 094.76.11111 – 0243.66.11111 for advice.


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