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In order to make hotel rooms smell good, with pleasant aroma, to give customers the feeling of comfort and ease, hotel essential oils burners are certainly indispensable parts in the list of appliances, equipment room hotel.
Essential oil burners are increasingly being selected by many hotels for the bedroom system, which has the effect of creating fragrances, purifying the air, and it can be able to banish mosquitoes and insects effectively. Depending on the scale, class and investment capacity of the hotel to choose the quality as well as the appropriate number of products. In Vietnam today, most of the only high-end hotels from 3 stars or more will be equipped with this device in the hotel bedroom.
The hotel Essential oil burners is one of the mainstream products in the room equipment portfolio that Star Solutions is supplying and distributing. Not only modern electric oil burners, we also have many models of ceramic candle oil lamp with unique shape, eye catching, meeting all needs of customers.
Star Solutions’ Essential oil burners is very diversified with various materials, such as wood, ceramic, glass, crystal, etc. So, apart from the aroma, our products also can be combined as a night light or become a decoration to add luxury to the space.
If you are looking to buy an Essential oil burners for your hotel room, please refer to the latest products at Star Solutions. For inquiries, please contact us directly at hotline 094.76.11111, at any time, we are ready to support you 24/7.