Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp


When traveling visitor rarely bring hair dryer for number of reasons: cumbersome, occupying area. Therefore, this is a very necessary product, used a lot in the hotel. According to the opinion of experts, hotel hair dryer is the important detail, located in the top of the list of hotel room equipment should have. They help the visitors handle his hair quickly, save time, ensure health. Hotel hair dryer is an important factor, affecting the quality of service of the hotel and the satisfaction of visitors.

All of the hair dryers offered by Star Solutions are imported from overseas, ensuring the highest quality and value for customers. Not only that, we also own a lot of designs with many style and different features . Whether your hotel is segmented, the main customers are the stars can choose the hair dryer for the hotel.

In addition to hand-held hairdryers, Star Solutions offers a variety of convenient wall-mounted hair dryers – one of the most popular hair dryer used in many hotels in Vietnam. The products are advanced features, are processed by modern technology, help users get dry hair quickly without worry about the hair is tangled, damaged.

Not only does it provide quality and classy hair dryers, Star Solutions is also ready to assist with hotel setup and installation. With the goal of becoming the No.1 provider in Vietnam, we always try and endeavor to provide our customers with all necessary hotel equipment and products. Please contact the hotline 094.76.11111 to order and receive the most professional advice.