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Hook hanging pole rack products used in hotel rooms to hook, hang clothes, towels, bags of customers. Hotel hangers play a very important role in keeping clothes wrinkle free, moldy and keep the hotel room look neat and tidy. Currently, there many hanging products on the market not only acts as clothes hook but also aesthetic, is the highlight for the room.
For the hotel, the Hook hanging pole rack is not an important product, however, many hotels are equipped with this product in each room to increase professionalism, comfort for guests. The selection of these hanging also requires consideration of many factors: materials, styles, colors, … in accordance with the overall style of the room and the hotel.
Quality Hanging clothes hotel must be guaranteed stainless (with metal), broken (with plastic), termites (with wood), not lost the connection part. The design must be compact, not occupy much space. The feet must be firm, not falling when hanging heavy items. Hanging hooks must be meticulously grated, no nappy scratches, torn clothes.
Coming to Star Solutions, customers can choose the best quality clothes hanging hook from various materials such as wood, plastic, rattan, stainless steel, aluminum … with many stylish designs. We always update the latest design styles in the market to bring customers the most satisfied products. Besides, our design team is also ready to design the clothes hanging to suit the style of each hotel.