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Cigarette ashtrays are very important and necessary items in every hotel. They help to keep the hotel clean, showing the comfort and professionalism of the hotel. In addition, the presence of the ashtray also helps to reduce the risk of fire and protect the interior fabric in the hotel. Today, the ashtrays have an additional effect that is decorative objects, increase the aesthetics of space. In public places: the lobby, the waiting area, the lobby, the hallway, the ashtray are often integrated in the lobby waste bin. However, in the room, the ashtray is an indispensable item.
As used to store cigarette ash, materials for making ashtray are durable materials that can withstand heat, not afraid of fire such as glass, marble, stainless steel, metal, ceramics, … This material has good shape and long life. To increase the aesthetics of the product, the design of the ashtray is often stylized or covered with colors that are very eye-catching and luxurious.
Star Solutions offers hotel ashtrays with a variety of materials. In addition to single ashtray models, we also offer leather covered ashtrays that are synonymous with ultra-luxurious leather cases. In addition, Star Solutions also designs and supplies imitation ashtrays, imitation stones, and imprints of exquisite hotel logos.
As a supplier of hotel ashtrays and many other hotel equipment: amenities, room equipment …, Star Solutions ensure to bring customers the best quality products in the shortest time. Please leave email to get detailed quotation for each product or call 094 76 11 111 for specific advice.