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Hotel clock are in the list of items that are indispensable in any hotel in any segment. They have an important role in locating the time, as well as decorating the hotel with more comfortable, professional. Hotel clocks include many different types: desk clocks, wall clocks, alarm clocks, electronic clocks, …
The hotel’s wall clocks are usually located in public areas: the reception desk, the cashier desk, etc., which are used to determine the time at the hotel in many places in the world: Beijing, New York, Seoul, …Clock helps visitors check in and check out correctly, helping foreigners to see the time more convenient. The more advanced the hotel, the more number of wall clocks at the reception. This watch is also known as the world clock.
There are alarm clocks, desk clocks usually located in each room, serve visitors in each room. At present, the clock in the room is often made with a lot of different materials: plastic, metal, leather, rattan imitation, … Desktop clock can be set in sync with the leather suit, Making the room looks extremely luxurious, comfortable and modern.
The clock in the room (alarm clock, electronic clock) in addition to the alarm clock function is also integrated many other functions: light sign, temperature, alarm. Depending on the style of the hotel, the interest of the investor that selects the clock in the room with the right materials, colors and designs
Star Solutions provides hotel clocks with all kinds of: wall clocks, desk clocks, alarm clocks, high quality electronic watches, beautiful designs. We design the clock for the hotel with the right style and color, print the hotel logo clearly. Star Solutions’ hotel clocks are not only timepieces, but also eye-catching ornaments, giving guests a deeper impression of the hotel.