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Plastic rattan basket is a popular items with many amenities such as: clothes basket, paper box, chopstick containers, vase, minibar container…. This products are available in many areas in the hotel: bedroom (clothes basket, paper box, vase, minibar container…); restaurant (chopstick containers, plates, fruit basket.
Plastic rattan baskets are preferred by many hotels because of its apprerance and high durabilities. The main material of this item is nylon, sturdy plastic thread..therefore, it’s easy to form and change color, it’s suitable for all style from simple to luxury.
Currently, Star Solutions designs and provides many plastic rattan basket samples with full of products ranging from clothes baskets to mini bar basket. The design is very plentiful with round, thin, small thread. The product size also includes many shape from square, rectangular to cylinder. With mini bar baskets, Star Solution also provides the fabric to cover the basket.
Plastic rattan baskets of Star Solutions in addition to diversity design and size is guaranteed quality. Made from high quality plastic, electrostatic painting, each Plastic rattan baskets of our hotel are very durable, colorless and can not broken. With plastic material, customers can comfortably wash or put in damp environments (bathrooms).
Star Solutions is committed to providing customers with high quality products at the most competitive prices on the market.