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Hotel telephone are indispensable devices in every hotel used in many locations: in rooms, reception, bathroom, … The hotel telephone not only plays an internal contact role between the department but also the tool to connect with parners, customers (telephone desk) but also help the guests order services: laundry, food (telephone service).
Hotel telephone also have many different types. At 4-5 star hotels, the bedroom phone can make direct calls to the subscribers needed. Even in the bathroom, the toilet in each room is also equipped with a wall telephone, very comfortable. However, in smaller hotels, the type of telephone in the room can usually only contact with receptionists.
Star Solutions offers hotel different kind of telephone: desktop phones, wall phones, service phones, etc. at different rates for all hotel segments. The hotel telephone provided by Star Solutions has many advantages: high durability, clear speaker, HD sound … are imported genuine from abroad and have full warranty. We offer hotel phones that integrate many functions: alarm, voice mail (voice mail), emergency call, …
With years of experience in the hospitality industry, Star Solutions is confident to be the most complete hotel unit with high quality and competitive prices. Besides the telephone for the hotel, we also have many main items: amenities, furniture fabric, room equipment … to meet all the needs of customers.