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Hotel luggage shelves, also known as luggage racks, storage racks, are often equipped in every hotel room, especially high-end hotels. Design, luggage shelf design also contributes to show the level and professionalism of a hotel.
As the name suggests, luggage shelves is a product placed in the hotel room, where the visitors place their luggage, avoiding direct contact with the ground. Besides, the hotel can also use luggage racks as a place to put slippers , towels , …
There are many different types of luggage racks: wooden and stainless steel racks; folding rack ; luggage rack 2 floors, 1 floor; simple, luxurious luggage racks; … Depending on the hotel, choose a different luggage rack.
Star Solutions is proud to be one of the suppliers of hotel furniture with the most diversified designs in Vietnam today. Samples of natural wood luggage racks, industrial wood or folding stainless steel designs are relatively preferred because of their durability and convenient folding.
Besides wood and stainless steel materials, Star Solutions also provides many products of plastic mica luggage shelves , high quality plastic resin. Plastic materials have advantages that are easier to shape; You can print / attach the hotel name logo on the product.
With a team of professional designers, modern production lines, Star Solutions always updates the latest designs for hotel luggage . Customers can freely choose the style, material, size of the product; At the same time, listen to the most professional advice from Star Solutions.