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When listing the list of room equipment products for 3 stars hotel or higher, the minibar – the hotel mini refrigerator is located in the top position. Although not all customers use the minibar, this is a standard hotel service and is also a mandatory standard for star rating.

Hotel mini fridges are quite compact and usually arranged in a position like a small closet in the closet, shelves for furniture, etc. Therefore, there is no need to worry that this product will occupy part of the bedroom area. Minibar is mainly used for preserving cool drinks. Depending on the service of each hotel that the number of items in the cabinet is more or less and the type of food, drinks is also different.

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Operating on the motto “For the benefit of customers” we always try to understand the requirements, expectations of customers, willing to sympathize, share the difficulties and concerns of customers for mutual development. We will always accompany you on all stages of development and in the future. For inquiries, quotetation or orders, you can contact HOTLINE 094.76.11111 or leave a message directly on the website.