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Newspaper shelves are commonly found in the lobby, hotel lounges and buildings. They are used to store books, newspapers, magazines, information about services, products of the hotel for visitors to read in the process of checking in, check out the hotel. Be equipped with shelves for the hotel help visitors feel the professionalism, meticulousness of the hotel. At the same time, this product also helps the hotel more professional and more class.
On the market today, there are many types of shelves. However, if customers are not looking for reputable addresses, it is easy to buy low quality products: low durability, easy to fade color, peeling paint, termites or rust. Therefore, choosing a good hotel equipment supplier is very important.
Star Solutions is a unit that designs and supplies equipment for prestigious hotels in Vietnam. In addition to the products amenities, furniture fabrics, shelves are also one of our flagship products.
Star Solutions offers high-end hotel bookcases with varied materials and designs. Metal shelves are solid, anti-rust absolutely with modern design or 3-4 layer shelf made of high quality natural wood simple noble. In addition, we have shelves with flexible wheels, which can be moved as needed.
With a long-standing reputation in the hospitality industry, Star Solutions magazine shelves ensure high durability, beautiful design, consistent with the lobby layout and style, the hotel class. Besides, with professional staffs, we guarantee to bring customers the best quality products in the fastest time.