Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

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The standard of a luxury hotel bedroom and amenities is not simply a bed but also a lot of furniture, room supplies with many different functions. Hotel night-lamp is certainly indispensable detail in the list of room equipment needed for the hotel, especially the high-end hotels from 3 stars or higher.

A luxurious hotel room with fully furnished furniture and amenities, combined with the soft light of the hotel’s night light, creating a warm atmosphere for guests to enjoy and to get better and deeper sleep. Not only that, the sleeping lamps are also the decorative items, contributing to the aesthetics of the hotel bedroom space.

Understanding that, Star Solutions is pleased to introduce to you high-end night lamps, designed and processed thoroughly, ensuring both quality and design. Depending on the architectural style of the hotel, we will introduce and advise you the appropriate night light, simple or complex according to the furniture in the room such as table, bed , cabinets, …. as well as the space layout of the room.

Most of the Star Solutions’ night light models are extremely portable and can be moved, arranged very flexibly. The lamp stand is made of high quality wood or stainless steel, the lamp is made of powder electrostatic painting or high quality silk fabric, with wires to turn off easily.

With Star Solutions, you not only own the best quality products with the most stylish and fashionable design, but also ensure the price we give is the best price in the market today. So, let Star Solutions become a partner, your companion in building your trust and prestige in the customer.