Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp


In the lobby or entrance of the hotel – Restaurants are usually equipped with shoe polish machines to increase the luxury of space and ensure the comfort, meet the needs of customers in the best way. In addition, the hotel can also attach them to the menu, small billboards to promote the image of the hotel.

When your customers are in a hurry to attend an important meeting or conference, but their shoes are not polished because of dirt or dust, they may not want to wear a dirty pair of shoes to go out. At the same time, the hotel shoe polish machine will work to help your customers get shiny shoes to go out.

Besides, a shoe polish machine also helps the hotel save time and money. Usually in your hotel amenities kit, there will be more shoe polish or disposable shoe cloth. But many standard hotels 2-3 star instead of the setup of the details in the suit, you can just invest once and long-term use of Star Solutions hotel shoe polish machine.

If you are a hotel manager or simply responsible for the hotel facilities, the selection of suitable shoe polish machines and suppliers that can ensure the quality and prestige of your hotel may difficult. So let Star Solutions help you solve that problem with top-of-the-line shoe polish machines.

With the motto “Become a trusted companion on the way to develop and conquer the hotel’s customers,” Star Solutions is sure to be the best choice for your hotel to improve service quality. , affirming brand and class.