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Currently strongbox are increasingly popular and are used widely in hotels, restaurants and chain stores … According to the new government regulations, hotels must have strongbox in order to protect the property of customers. Especially for 5 star hotels it is compulsory for each room to be equipped with a hotel strongbox.
Therefore, the hotel strongbox not only increase the comfort and professionalism for the hotel but also the factors for the hotel star rating. In particular, with the preparation of strongbox in the room, guests have places to place valuable items: jewelry, money … or important documents and records while on business trips, negotiations. In high-class hotels, where many business guests, high-income guests, this is essential. They help the hotel receive positive feedback, impressions.
Hotel strongbox supplied by Star Solutions are imported directly from abroad with stainless steel material coated with high-quality durable paint. Safety lock is equipped with electronic locking system, high-quality automatic twist motors ensure high security. We have many models of strongbox in various sizes, suitable for various hotel styles.
Due to the genuine importation, Star Solutions hotel cabinets have high durability, good security and always have full warranty. At the same time, the price of each product is always kept at the most competitive level, bringing the most practical benefits for customers.
To receive quotation and specific advice on safe products and other hotel equipment of Star Solutions, please contact the website or call the hotline 094 76 11111 . We are ready to serve customers 24/7.