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BLK 01 Glass washer

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BLK 01 Glass washer has plastic handles and long white curled cotton fabric, very convenient for cleaning the glass surface of hotel rooms.

  • Color: White
  • Size: Optional
  • Material: water absorbent fabric
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Glass wiping cloth consists of 2 parts: Plastic handle and cotton cloth with long white curls, designed very convenient to clean the surface of the hotel room glass, window glass or glass in the bathroom.

The handle is made of black hard plastic that is not decomposed by cleaning solutions. With T-shaped design, increase the grip area, help users to use it, create better spleen points to remove stubborn stains. In addition, this handle also has a connector with extension bar for use in glass positions at high, far, or corner.

The cotton part is made of good absorbent cotton fabric and the material is not subjected to frequent contact with detergent. The cotton after immersion in the cleaning solution will rub the glass surface to clean. The cotton can be replaced during use.

One of the indispensable devices for sundry staff, hotel room cleaning. This is also one of the quality hotel cleaning tools that Star Solutions is providing.

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