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Hotel cleaning cart is one of the important sanitary ware of the hotel. This cart is different from a room cart in that there are no compartments for cleaning tools, but only water tanks, trash bags and wheels that can be moved while cleaning the floor.
Basic components of the cleaning kit include: water tank, water dispenser for mop, garbage bag, storage area (wipes, toilet water bottles), mops holder and pushers. Depending on the model, the number and size of different parts. The main material of this car is plastic with frame made of steel, iron powder or stainless steel. These materials are durable and very strong.
Star Solutions’ hotel cleaning products range in style and color. The quality of each product is guaranteed: solid frame, rigid plastic part, flexible wheel, high weight. Consequently, our cleaning products are always appreciated by hoteliers.
In addition to the hotel cleaning cart, Star Solutions also offers a variety of cleaning equipment and other hotel amenities: amenities, room furniture, kitchen equipment, interior fabric, … Therefore, customers can save a lot of time when ordering hotel equipment at Star Solutions. In addition, we are the prestigious supplier of hotel equipment, we always ensure customers have high quality products at the best price.