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Hotel cleaning solution products are indispensable products to ensure the clean environment and hotel space. These are chemical products in liquid or powder form (mainly in solution) for cleaning toilets, bathrooms, kitchen areas, etc. The products in this group include: floor cleaner, laundry soap, laundry soap, deodorant spray, glass cleaner, toilet water, interior cleaner …
The basic requirement for hotel chemicals is the ability to clean and smells. However, for some types: floor mats, spray deodorant, … must have the pleasant aroma; Interior and floor cleaning solution must be selected for not not damage the surface of the wood, expensive furniture. Moreover, these chemicals must be safe with human health to ensure that employees and visitors are not affected by smells or direct contact.
With a large area and large number of people, the amount of sanitary chemicals for hotels to use daily is very large. Types of cleaning solution for this hotel are usually bought / sold in cans or barrels from 5-20l and consumed very quickly. Unknown chemicals, which are cheap, have a low level of detergency or smell very toxic and harmful to health. The use of these cleaning chemicals can cause discomfort and time spent a a lot of time to clean the room.
Star Solutions provides hotel sanitary products with a full range of products: floor cleaner, glass cleaner, multi-purpose bleach … All of our products are reputable brand name products which are imported from Thailand, Korea, Japan. We are committed to providing our customers with the safest, and best quality products at the best prices.