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MLN 02 dry and wet mops

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MLN 02 dry mop for hotel, restaurant have a very thick, durable cloth and a rectangular shape of various sizes. 

  • Color: Optional
  • Size of mop face: 60-120cm
  • Material: Fabric, stainless steel, plastic
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For large floors that need quick cleaning, this MLN 02 hotel cleaning brush is one of the top choices.

With a specially designed broom: a very thick, durable, rugged cloth, rectangular in size from small to large. The bottom of the cloth has pencil-sized fabrics twisted from hundreds of very strong, small fabric threads. The upper part of the fabric has a connector to attach to the handle.

The mop part is made of thick, shiny stainless steel. The size is about 0.8m – 1m, 3cm diameter is very suitable for handles.

With this mop-type, many people can simultaneously line up, stack together and wipe very quickly. Very suitable for hotel halls, football fields in houses, halls, airports … places with large floor area.

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