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Hotel room cleaning cart is one of the indispensable equipment in every hotel. In addition to the cleaning cart; Star Solutions also provides cleaning cart with large boxes and compartments. This room type car is chosen by many hotels.
Made from a canvas material with a sturdy stainless steel frame, Star Solutions’ hotel room cart is of high durability and large tonnage. Besides, Star Solutions also has a lot of clean-up cart design with convenient folding joints; help the hotel save space after use.
In terms of design, Star Solutions provides models to make diverse rooms . Big square container, rectangular car body; partitioned into 2-3 large compartments inside. The seams are strong, easy to fit into the chassis and ensure no tearing, withstand heavy weight.
In terms of color, Star Solutions hotel room carts have many colors; Most of them have luxurious colors: brown, dark blue, golden brown, … Solid wheels with flexible axles; Can be controlled gently even when carrying heavy loads.
In terms of materials, cart made by Star Solutions  are mainly made of 2 main materials: canvas and steel frame. Awning fabric used to make car body is a thick canvas, waterproof, smooth surface, easy to clean. The ingenious stainless steel frame helps the car withstand large loads and create aesthetics for the product.
Above are the models of the cleaning cart of Star Solutions. Besides this model, we also have many models of room cart designed with many compartments and shelves. For more information or to learn more about this product, please contact hotline 094 76 11111 for advice.