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XDP 01 Hotel room cleaning cart

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XDP 01 Hotel room cleaning cart

  • Size: 
    + Body: 90 * 65 * 80cm 
    + Wheel: diameter 9.5cm 
    + High beam : 13cm 
    + Canvas barrel: 81 * 52 * 55cm 
    + Frame: non-5cm
  • Fabric and stainless steel material
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Hotel room cleaning cart are often used in hotels, restaurants, resorts, motels, guest houses, hospitals … these cart can accommodate covers, sheets, pillows, towels, room waste, disposable consumables, dishes, surplus utensils …

XDP 01 Hotel room cleaning cart

With 304 stainless steel anti-rust solid material. Designed very square, capable of withstanding large weight. The part of the cart is arranged high on the two sides, can help users moving easily when inside contains many heavy items.

  XDP 01 Hotel room cleaning cart

The 4-wheel system is made of durable materials, arranged in four equal angles, making it easy to move.

  XDP 01 Hotel room cleaning cart

The barrel section of the car is made of good quality canvas, can withstand large weights, and some items have moderate sharpness. At the same time, it can also be removed for convenient replacement.

This is indeed one of the sanitary equipment, room quality furniture.

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