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XVS 02 Cleaning cart

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XVS 02 Cleaning cart

  • Colors: Green, Burn, red
  • Size: 
    + Body: 58.5 * 39 * 71 cm 
    + Wheel: D = 7.5cm 
    + Car beam : 10.5 cm
  • Volume: 12L / barrel
  • Material: plastic, steel
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This smart XVS 02 Cleaning cart is favored by many hotels, restaurants, hospitals … because of its useful and convenient features.

 XVS 02 Cleaning cart

With size: High 0.72m; Width: 0.45m; At 0.6m long, this cleaning car can carry 2 medium-sized water compartments and a wiping broom compartment can spin dry on top.

 XVS 02 Cleaning cart

The body is made of synthetic resin which is very durable and strong. The water containers are made of good hard plastic.

 XVS 02 Cleaning cart
 XVS 02 Cleaning cart

The cart has a full hand design that is easy to push. At the same time, four wheels can be rotated around the axis so it is easy to move horizontally, vertically and diagonally.

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