Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

Selecting hotel amenities to suit Korean tourists

The selection of hotel amenities suitable for Korean tourists is the problem that many hotels serve mainly Korean guests lost much time to research.

Why we should choose amenities to suit Korean tourists?

Hotel amenities suitable for Korean tourists are the issues are being investigated by many investors for many reasons:

For Koreans, Vietnam is not only an ideal tourist destination but also a destination for many large investment projects. Therefore, the demand for Korean hotels in Vietnam is increasing.

Understanding that need, many Korean style hotels are also built. Hotel amenities should be more carefully selected and meet the needs and tastes of customers, especially Korean tourists.

Based on the psychology, personality, culture of the Korean people to choose amenities

Choose culture-based amenities

Koreans have an emotional life style with high self-esteem,  high ego, so in communication, service staff should behave gently, politely, Do not shout loudly to them and especially do not make enemies with them.

Koreans have familyism and ” hierarchy ” on the top, so the hotel amenities should be neatly arranged, tidy in order. In the design, should choose the warm, soft lines tone

Selecting hotel amenities to suit Korean tourists

Korean characteristics should be noted when setting up amenities

A characteristic in the trait of the Korean is the double personality: both positive and negative. Therefore, the hotel amenities need to be harmonious in design from color to pattern, creating a generous.

As a new industrialized country, so they have a hardworking and busy work style. Therefore, before check in, you need to quickly clean, inspect, replace and equip the necessary hotel amenities, they do not want to wait long.

Koreans have strong biases and prejudices, the first impression is extremely important, so for this group of customers, should make a good impression from the beginning. The hotel amenities are suitable for Korean travelers are the costumes are neatly arranged, orderly, clean, high convenience, to meet the needs of the individual. The preparation not only make a good impression but also express the attention, thoughtful, feeling like at home.

Modern Korean Style

Korea is known as a developed country, with many large corporations, the “new dragon” of Asia. They have a fast, dynamic, time-saving pace, so they enjoy cross-country or regional tours. For this feature, in choosing the hotel amenities you need to choose the products that are both convenient and meet the needs of the individual, reasonable layout, avoid the unnecessary items. The design should be youthful, dynamic.

In addition, this place has high quality of life as prefer to use modern facilities, equipment, high mobility;  Shopping quality products, beautiful designs, convenient to use. That is why they pay special attention to design. For them, the design must be beautiful, eye-catching, meticulous, careful, catch up the new trend, good product quality, user-friendly.

Korea is well-known for its beauty industry, so we encourage investors to choose products that are natural, user-friendly, reputable, have brand in the market.

Selecting hotel amenities to suit Korean tourists

Cleanliness, love exploring of the Korean people

When traveling, they have the habit of choosing where to stay when traveling very differently. But the psychological characteristics of the Korean people are psychological cleanliness and discovery.

With psychological cleanliness, Korean tourists often choose comfortable hotels. Their requirements in the amenities that is the arrangement must be neat, tidy, clean, especially with the hotel amenities should be wrapped in nylon packaging or paper packaging.

With the spirit of exploring, young Korean people like the stilt house with bold indigenous cultural identity, so the hotel amenities should enhance the convenience, product design should bring the traditional pattern.

 Koreans respect traditional values

Not only older people but also young people also value traditional values ​​such as visiting historical relics, traditional festivals; like traditional items. So, the amenities of the hotel should choose the product is designed with patterns in traditional style, both classic and modern with appropriate colors.

Vietnam is a destination that many Korean tourists choose, but there are also many drawbacks in attracting them, among them, the first element is the restriction of facilities, the hotel achieved The standard is less. So now, choose the hotel amenities to suit Korean tourists to attract and not miss this source of potential customers.

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