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Serving buffet and important things hotel staff need to know

Serving Buffet is one of the familiar jobs in the hotel restaurant. However, in order to serve the buffet in the best way, we must not only understand the party service process, but also have the following buffet knowledge:

The origin of the buffet

So far, there has not been any definitive evidence to determine the exact place of the buffet. However, based on its name – “buffet” – a word of French origin, therefore, France is considered the origin of the buffet.

From the 18th century, the form of buffet appeared and quickly became popular in European countries. In the US, it is known that the buffet in the middle of the nineteenth century. After developing in many places, the buffet was more and more diverse in form and style.

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Phục vụ tiệc buffet trong khách sạn cần phải lưu ý nhiều vấn đề
Serving buffet in the hotel need to pay attention to many issues

Why is the buffet born and developed?

Compared to other traditional parties, the buffet has many advantages. These advantages are not only beneficial for party organizers but also for customers.

The buffet can host a large number of guests without taking up too much space like a traditional style party.

In order to serve the buffet, there is no need for too many waiters, the work of the staff from serving to the kitchen, cleaning is not too much.

When eating buffet, diners will get their own food. Therefore, a large amount of food and drinks can be saved.

When serving, holding a party, there is no need to spend a lot of items to display a dish because all food and drinks are concentrated in chafer, dishes and large pot.

For guests, if participating in traditional parties, they can only communicate within a narrow range (those sitting at the table), then at the buffet, they can go back and talk and meet more people. Besides, instead of eating pre-set dishes on the table, they have a chance to choose and eat only the foods they like.

Tiệc buffet do thực khách tự lấy món ăn, do đó, tránh lãng phí đồ ăn
The buffet is made by diners, so avoid wasting food

Buffet service forms

Serving buffet is not only a familiar form of party. On the other hand, the buffet has many different types of buffet. In which there are 3 basic types: Sitdown buffet, Standing buffet, Cocktail buffet.

Sitdown buffet

Sitdown buffet is a large buffet, held in a large space. In it, there is a food service area and a pre-arranged seating area. Guests enjoy a buffet at the counter and are served drinks at the table.

For the Sitdown buffet party, the number and types of food for diners will be more and more diverse than other buffet forms. However, here, the diners still sit at the table, so they still need a large number of waiters.

Không gian buổi tiệc buffet trong nhà hàng, khách sạn
Buffet space in restaurants and hotels

Standing buffet 

Standing buffet is a very popular kind of party. At this stand party, there is not or only a few tables and chairs for guests to rest. There are only counter, tables and stacks of food and drinks in the banquet space. Types of eating utensils are also available. Guests at the party will get their own food and can move to chat, interact with each other during the party.

For parties, guests will have to serve themselves. The service staff is only responsible for adding food, drinks and removing dirty tools (cups, plates, knives, forks …). Therefore, when holding a Standing buffet, there is no need or too many waiters. The cooking of the kitchen department is also easier.

Cocktail buffet

Cocktail buffet is a light party, taking place in a not too long period. This buffet style is primarily intended to help diners communicate, relax and replenish energy. Dishes and drinks at Cocktail buffet are usually arranged in the style of finger food (hand-made snacks) quite quickly and conveniently.

In buffet cocktails, food is usually placed on large plates that can be placed on high tables or served by waiters and waitresses.

Trong tiệc cocktail buffet, các món ăn được trình bày theo kiểu fingerfood
In buffet cocktail party, the dishes are styled in finger food

The principle of serving buffet

The principle of placing a counter when serving a buffet

Food counters, beverages and tools must be placed in prominent places. Guests can find the counter you want easily and quickly. At the same time, waiters can easily add stuff, clean dirty things without disturbing guests.

Order of counters must be organize reasonably. Usually the food and beverage counters in the buffet will be arranged in order: appetizer counters – vegetable counters – main counters – dessert and drinks counters. Special kiosks: raw counters (serving grilled dishes, hot pot), hot soup stalls, … will be placed separately to ensure hygiene and safety for diners. 

The distance between counters must be wide enough for visitors to move easily, quickly, without causing jams and collisions.

Decoration principle when serving hotel buffet

Decoration of the party space is not only beautiful, right theme, but also create a feeling of comfort for diners.

Must have the introduction sign, the party diagram guide placing in eye-catching locations

In addition to each dish, it is necessary to have an accompanying name tag with the main ingredients to let guests know and decide whether or not to use it. Avoid having allergies or violating cultural taboos.

Mỗi món trong tiệc buffet phải có bảng tên cùng thành phần chính bên cạnh
Each buffet must have a table with the same main ingredient next to it

Other principles when serving tea party

Food and drinks in the party must be delicious and ensure nutrition and food safety.

Allocating dishes appropriately so that guests who come before or after can enjoy all the dishes in the party.

Service staff promptly cleaned up dirty items, leftovers of customers and added clean items to keep the space beautiful and hygienic, not offensive to later visitors.

At the hot counter area, the bar, there must be on-site staff to serve the dishes according to the needs of guests.

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