Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

Slippers in the hotel room and its important role

Slippers in hotel rooms have an important role with visitors. At the same time, this is also a tool to show the professionalism and class of the hotel.

The role of slippers in hotel rooms for customers

When traveling, customers will spend long periods of time on the streets with high heels, sport shoes or western boots. When they return to the hotel, they can not continue to wear those shoes and can not even leave them to go barefoot, so the first effect of the slippers in the hotel room is to ensure the need for customer.

Besides, wearing shoes makes the legs of the customers are pressed, uncomfortable, many feet are numb, aching. Therefore, the slippers in the room will help their feet to relax, giving customers the feeling of comfort. In addition, these sandals also work to massage, regulate, circulate blood and reduce pain extremely effective.

Slippers in hotel rooms are usually made of materials that keep the warmth very good, such as fabric, cotton, felt, cotton, … So in winter, they also work to keep warm User’s feet

Dép đi trong phòng khách sạn và những vai trò cực kỳ quan trọng
Slippers in the hotel room and the role is extremely important

The importance of slippers in hotel rooms for hotels

Slippers in hotel rooms play an important role in impressing the users and promoting the image of the hotel. This is an indispensable item in the amenities set.

Slippers in the room help the hotel to impress the visitors better

With a competitive market like a hotel, the race for quality and price is the key to survival. Just a little bit of quality, your hotel will be knocked out of the “race” in the market segment you are pursuing. So the first role that slippers go to your hotel, is to ensure standards and improve the quality of service.

Luxury and classy services, delicious food, … are not really to impress customers, sometimes with only a small detail, a gentle attention to make customers feel satisfied. The slippers in the room seem not very important, but is a factor to help customers feel the caring attention of the hotel for them.

Dép đi trong phòng giúp khách sạn gây ấn tượng tốt hơn với khách thuê
Slippers in the room help the hotel to impress the customers better

Slippers in the hotel room is an effective communication tool

It is possible that many investors are not aware of the important role of promoting the image and branding of hotels in amenities . Currently, there are many investors choosing to print their hotel logos and names for comfortable furniture products, especially the slippers in the hotel room, etc. It is not only a way to  erfirm Hotel branding, but also a form of “static communication” extremely effective.

Because the slippers in the room are the items that customers use and see the most in amenities suites. Printing logos, hotel names on the surface of the slippers is like an invisible reminder, making those images ingrained in the subconscious of the customer.

Dép đi trong phòng khách sạn là công cụ truyền thông hiệu quả
Slippers in the hotel room is an effective communication tool

Tips from Star Solutions

The above are the important roles of the slippers in the hotel room . Hopefully after reading through this article, many investors will pay more attention to the selection of slippers in the hotel room , to get the best products to ensure the quality requirements and comfort for guests.  

As one of the leading companies in Vietnam in the field of providing hotel equipment , Star Solutions always brings to customers slippers products in quality, with the most fashionable design and class.

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