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Some important notes when selecting the hotel outdoor signboard

What is the important note that need to pay attention when selecting room number sign? How to get the most beautiful, durable and outstanding outdoor signboard system.

When it comes to important signboards the hotel must have , it is certainly impossible to miss the hotel’s outdoor signboard: signposts , , warning signs or  outdoor number  sign . for bungalows or villas at the luxury resort.  

The typical location, often affected by the natural factors: rain, wind, sun … to get the outdoor signboard system is durable, beautiful design, suitable for the hotel landscape/resort, the investors should pay special attention to the following four important points:

Những lưu ý quan trọng khi lựa chọn biển bảng ngoài trời khách sạn
Important note when selecting the hotel outdoor signboard

The choice of materials for hotel outdoor signboard systems

To ensure the durability as well as the beauty of the outdoor signboard system, the first and most important consideration is the selection of material of the product. Once you have figured out how the design of the sign will look, you will have to choose the right material for your production.

Selected materials should be of high reliability, good wear resistance and high anti-oxidation properties. Especially, with the characteristics of hot and humid climate like Vietnam, the material must not be influenced by natural factors such as humidity, temperature, rust, etc.

The most ideal material for outdoor sign design is alloy and wood.

Lựa chọn chất liệu cho hệ thống biển bảng ngoài trời khách sạn
Choosing the materials for hotel outdoor signboard systems

Outdoor signboard in hotel made of alloy

Speaking of the sign materials that are highly valued for durability, the alloy is certainly the first choice. This material has the advantage of high corrosion resistance, good impact resistance, not affected by weather factors such as the metal product line. At the same time, the durability as well as the service life of alloyed products are more valued than metal products.

Wooden sign outdoor wood

When it comes to material that can create luxury and classy products, wood is definitely the perfect name. The wooden outdoor signboard not only show the professionalism of the hotel but also give the hotel a striking impression with the raw, rustic nature of wood.

Learn immediately of the reasons that make perfect for outdoor pattern wooden sign HERE .

Biển bảng ngoài trời nên có thiết kế đơn giản, rõ ràng
Outdoor billboards should have a simple, clear design

Outdoor billboards should have a simple, clear design

This is one of the criteria for designing outdoor signboard for hotels. The purpose is to inform and guide visitors to the right place they want to arrive quickly and easily. Designing too many details on the sign will make the viewer feel confused, especially with older customers.

Hotel sign on the hotel campus

The sign on the hotel campus are usually designed with simple place names and directions only. Some hotels or resort areas are large, they add the distance from the location of the sea to each location.

Nowadays, many hotels choose to design signposts and outdoor warning signs in pictures, which can help to prevent language barriers because not every customer in your hotel knows the language Vietnamese or English.

Biển bảng ngoài trời nên có thiết kế đơn giản, rõ ràng
Outdoor signboard should have a simple, clear design

Service signboard

The name of the hotel services such as Spa, Restaurant, Bar, Cafe, … can be based on the general design of the hotel, the customer that the service come to choose the most suitable style. There is no need to be too picky, the nameplate service in the hotel usually only the name attached to the hotel logo or image symbolizes the service.

When coming to Star Solutions you will be consulted and produce the best designs based on the architecture style of the hotel along with the requirements that you give.

Outdoor rooms number sign

In addition to the above types of signs, currently in some hotels and resorts have large area, the room number sign is designed to be placed outdoors, especially in the villas or the bungalow. Basically, this type of outdoor signboard is designed as a normal room signboard, but they are not mounted on doors or walls but are designed to have additional pillars. In addition, material requirements are also higher than the number of rooms in the house.

Vị trí đặt biển bảng ngoài trời khách sạn
The location to place the outdoor room number sign

The place to put outdoor room number sign

The hotel’s outdoor sign system is usually attached to a fixed location, and it is only when we replace the sign. These signboards are usually located in easily visible, unobstructed locations and at locations where you are sure your customers need guidance. You can find at the turn of the hotel / resort or the signpost near the service areas of the hotel as: Spa, restaurant, bar, cafe, …

Installation of outdoor lighting for hotel signboards

Without lighting systems, it is difficult to see the signboard of the hotel . Therefore, the outdoor sign  must have a well-lit lighting system, which can be placed next to the lampposts in the hotel campus.

In addition, with today’s modern technology, you can use the designs that incorporate materials that have built-in light-emitting lights, or use garden lamps for installation in your home. Not only will the visitors easily see the signboard, but also turn these areas into highlights, creating sparkling, fanciful beauty for the hotel for the hotel in the evening.

Lắp đặt thiết bị chiếu sáng cho biển bảng ngoài trời khách sạn
Installation of outdoor lighting for hotel signboards

With the goal of bringing your hotel with the best equipment solutions, Star Solutions offers hotel signboard  with three elements: good quality, beautiful design and low price. Please contact us immediately to consult and select the finest hotel beach signboard samples and hundreds of products and other hotel equipment.

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