Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

Some notes when choosing hotel shampoo and shower gel for European travelers

The choice of hotel shower gel and shampoo for European travelers should be based on many factors. In particular, their skin, hair and hobby, psychological characteristics

The importance of choosing a hotel shower gel for European travelers

The thriving tourism industry has opened up great opportunities for a myriad of hotels and activities. In particular, in recent years, hotels specializing in serving Western visitors have grown increasingly at major tourist centers, to provide services to this potential customer market. The choice of hotel shower gel and shampoo for European travelers is also increasingly interested.

What type of hotel shower gel for European travelers best suited? What shampoo, hotel shower gel can satisfy the Western guests? These are questions of many investors when choosing shampoo – shower gel as well as the details of the hotel bathroom amenities  for Western guests. 

Understanding your concerns, today, Star Solutions will give you an insight into the importance of shampoo, shower gel and shower gel for European travelers.

Lựa chọn dầu gội sữa tắm khách sạn cho du khách Âu rất quan trọng
 Choosing a hotel shower gel for European travelers is very important

Choosing the hotel shower gel, shampoo suitable for European skin and hair

Features of European skin and suitable products  

Europeans have a wonderful white skin, the desire of many Asian women. According to scientists, the skin of Europeans is the least melanin, so their skin color is usually much lighter than the skin color of Asians and Africans.

Scientific results show that human skin color varies with climate to adapt to the environment in which they live. These conditions include: geography, climate and radiation of the sun’s rays. Europeans live in areas with high latitudes, without the sun shining and much, so bright colors will help them absorb more ultraviolet rays.

Unlike the standard Asian skin, Westerners prefer to have a tighter tan skin. That is why Western visitors do not hesitate to let their skin dry under the sun when they go out.

When coming to Vietnam, Western visitors have great conditions to “dye” their skin more healthily with the dazzling power of the tropics. The most perfect shower gel products, which your hotel can cater to, are those that have good moisturizing and deep cleansing properties. When selecting the investor should pay attention to the composition of the solution, should choose the type contains many components of vitamin E and collagen.

Nên lựa chọn loại sữa tắm, dưỡng thể phù hợp với làn da của người châu Âu
Choosing the type of shower gel, suitable for European skin

Features European hair and matching products

Europeans have many different hair colors: brown, yellow, platinum, gray, etc. Like skin color, hair color is different because of the amount of melanin in hair more or less, If more melanin color is darker. In addition, European hair is often much thinner than Asian and African hair. Because pigmentation is resistant to ultraviolet radiation, European hair needs a lot of nutrients, especially protein.

In order to satisfy customers and make them come to your hotel with care and thoughtfulness, the owners should choose shampoos containing many components that provide protein, smoothing and rejuvenating. Suitable hotel shampoo products are those that contain protein nutrients, especially collagen to make hair stronger and shiny.

Lựa chọn những loại dầu gội có nhiều thành phần cung cấp protein cho khách Âu
Choosing shampoos with lots of protein ingredients for European guests

Choosing hotel shower gel bath in accordance with the psychology of Europeans

Choosing shampoo, shower gel sample with simple design, luxury

Europeans have a very active lifestyle and optimism. They like clarity and straightforwardness. In life, westerners have a very casual style of dress. Even in their lifestyle and activities, they pay more attention to quality than form. Therefore, when choosing the costume kit as well as shampoo products  – shower gel for the hotel , the owner should pay close attention to their quality.

With the emphasis on product quality, Europeans still have their own standards for the appearance of the items they use. Design can be simple but still have to be solemn, sophisticated and modern.

Based on the above characteristics, you can choose shampoo products with simple designs but delicate tones such as white, black, brown, yellow, white in …. The contrast between the contrasting colors will create a product that looks beautiful and attractive.

Hotel shower gel and shampoo for European travelers should have a natural scent

Besides, Europeans have a favorite with scents. We can see clearly through the development of perfume industry in European countries such as France, Germany, Belgium, … Therefore, they are extremely sensitive to the scent of shampoos , shower gel or body products. Based on this feature, the owners can choose shampoo products, aroma shower creams prepared as the natural fragrance of flowers, such as: Roses, Lavender, Cherry, …

Dầu gội sữa tắm khách sạn cho du khách Âu nên có mùi hương tự nhiên
Hotel shower gel and shampoo for European travelers should have a natural scent

With more than 15 years of experience, Star Solutions is proud to be the trusted destination of many hotels across the country. With a team of enthusiastic staff, along with modern production lines, we are ready to bring to your hotel the quality products, aesthetic match at the most competitive price.

Please contact Star Solutions today to get the advice of our experts and choose the products in the hotel.

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