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Some terms, commonly acronyms in hotels and tourism

In the hotel and tourism industry, there are many frequently used terms and acronyms that not everyone knows. The following article will share for you some terms, commonly used acronyms in hotels and tourism.

Acronyms commonly used in the hotel about meals

Một số thuật ngữ, từ viết tắt thông dụng trong khách sạn, du lịch
Some terms, commonly acronyms in hotels and tourism

Continental breakfast – usually with bread, croissants, butter, cheese, jam, fruit juice, tea, coffee. This type of breakfast is quite popular at European hotels or hotels with mostly European guests.

ABF –  American breakfast : American breakfast includes: omelet eggs, bacon or sausage, toast, jam, butter, pancake, fruit juice, tea, coffee.

Buffet breakfast – breakfast buffet: normally, buffet breakfast at the hotel from 20-40 dishes. These dishes are quite diverse in types. They can include a variety of stylish dishes from Europe to Asia to serve all types of customers. At the same time, based on the main customers of each hotel, the breakfast menu will be changed and modified accordingly.

Set breakfast:  Simple breakfast at small hotels. This breakfast includes only 1-2 dishes + 1 drink: bread + eggs; Noodle Soup; Noodle; tea or coffee, …

B – Breakfast

L – Lunch  
D – Dinner 

S – Supper

When traveling, on the itinerary, if there is a sign (B / L / D) after the information, it means that tourists will be served 3 meals a day. If there is only 1 or 2 of 3 words, you will be served meals corresponding to that symbol.

Soft drinks :  The term used to refer to non-alcoholic beverages
Free flow soft drink:  is a term used to refer to non-alcoholic soft drinks, placed in large jars, with taps in parties, buffets

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Glossary, acronym for hotel rooms

Thuật ngữ, từ viết tắt thông dụng trong khách sạn, du lịch
Terms, commonly used acronyms in hotels and tourism

ROH  (Run of the house): The hotel will arrange any available rooms for guests, regardless of the room type. Usually with group guests, the hotel will provide this type for guests. For each hotel there will be a way to name and classify different rooms. There is no standard for this naming scheme, so you have to consider the room type of each hotel corresponding to the different price. However, it usually includes the following categories:
STD – Standard:  Standard and often smallest room, low floor, beautiful view, minimal equipment and lowest price
SUP – Superior :  Higher than Standard room with amenities equivalent but larger area or better looking direction. Price is higher than STD. 
DLX – Deluxe : Room type is higher than SUP, usually on high floor, wide area, nice view and high-class equipment.

Suite:  The most luxurious room type and usually on the highest floor with special equipment and services attached. Usually, each Suite room has 1 bedroom, 1 living room, 2 bathrooms and many beautiful balconies. Hotels have different names of rooms of this type to increase the VIP level to sell higher prices such as: President (General), Royal Suite (Royal) …

Connecting room:  2 separate rooms with connecting doors. This type of room is often arranged for families in many rooms close together.

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Common acronyms in hotels about bed types

SGL – Single bed room:  Room with 1 bed for 1 person in
TWN – Twin bed room:  Room with 2 beds for 2 people in
DBL – Double bed room:  Room has 1 big bed for 2 people. Usually for spouses. 
TRPL – Triple bed room:  Room for 3 people in or with 3 small beds or 1 large bed and 1 small bed

Extra bed: Extra bed  to create Triple room from TWN or DBL room.

Common acronyms about tours

Full board package:  Package tour includes all breakfast, lunch, dinner included in the tour cost. 
Half board package:  Package tour, but only includes breakfast and lunch or dinner included in the tour cost.  . 
Free & Easy package: This  is the basic service package that only includes transportation (airline tickets, airport shuttle), accommodation and breakfast at the hotel. 

Abbreviations, terminology of moving vehicles

Usually a passenger bus is called Coach instead of a bus. 
SIC –   Seat in coach: This type of city tour bus runs following fixed schedules and has a system of theory through automatic car audio system. Guests can buy tickets and board cars at fixed points. 
First class:  The most luxurious ticket on the plane and the highest price

Business class: tickets for businesses on aircraft
Economy class: This class is usually numbered by airlines Y, M, L …
OW – one way: One-way  airline ticket
RT – return: 
STA   Scheduled time arrival
ETA plan –  Estimated Time arival
STD –  Scheduled time departure
ETD plan –  Estimated time departure

Ferry: Ferries are cruise ships traveling long distances along fixed routes with the ability to transport thousands of passengers and a variety of road vehicles on it. Ferry also has rooms equivalent to 5 * hotels, swimming pools, tennis courts, clubs …

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