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Standard equipment needed for 3 star hotel

What are the requirements for a three star hotel? Join Star Solutions to find out in a detailed

Equipment of 3-star hotel for room accommodations like? 

  • Depending on the infrastructure, the organization and business of the hotel, which require a minimum of 20 to 50 rooms.
  • For a single bed room must have a minimum area of ​​14m2.
  • For 01 double bed room or 02 twin bed room must have a minimum area of ​​18m2.
  • Restrooms required area: 4m2
  • Bedding set  must conform to the standard, mattress is 10cm thick with outer gauge, pillow cover, window  must have two layers (thin layer and thick layer)
  • Equipped with refrigerator (50l), TV and air conditioning;
  • Desk lamps, phones, ceiling lights must have and use well.
  • Pure water purifier, cigarette ashtray, glass drinking water.
  • On the door must have magic eye, safety pins, doorbell, hotel slippers, laudry bag or rattan basket in the room.
  • Leather cover guide for hotel rules, telephone and television guide, service provided at the hotel with a list price
  • Guest welcome time and promotional policy, envelope letter, pen paper.
Equipment area 3-star hotel room accommodations like?

Equipment in the restaurant, bar at  3 stars hotel

For hotels with 3 star standards, there must be a system of restaurants and bars that meet the following criteria:

  • There are 01 Asian and European restaurants.
  • There is 01 bar.
  • Seats must meet 80% of the number of beds at the hotel.
  • Separate toilets for men and women.
  • Full tables, chairs, utensils and dining utensils.
  • Refrigerators and equipment, utensils, drinks (in the breakfast area)
  • Sinks for dining utensils.
  • Drainage system;
  • Toiletries and cleaning solution;
  • Bin must have a lid to ensure hygiene;
  • Ensure good lighting or illumination;
  • Good ventilation.
Standard restaurant, bar of 3 star hotel

What is a 3 star hotel kitchen area?

Facilities for 3-star hotel in the kitchen area include:

  • Design wall flat, waterproof, ceramic tiles 2 meters high.
  • Flat, no false ceiling design.
  • Flat flooring, paving non-slip, easy to clean.
  • Pre-processing and cold-processing areas are separated.
  • The room is well insulated, preventing the smell of the kitchen and dining room.
  • Has separate bin, must hygienic.
  • There are emergency exits and good ventilation.
  • There is a separate bathroom for the kitchen staff.
  • Having warehouses for preservation of raw materials, foodstuffs and spare parts.
Standard equipment for 3 star hotel kitchen

Equipment required for 3 star hotels in other areas

  • Air conditioning in public areas, bedrooms.
  • Hot and cold water filter system can be used directly in public places.
  • There are refrigerators in rooms, bedrooms.
  • There are lifts for customer service and staff to facilitate the up and down.
  • There is a bath towel, a hotel bathrobe .

In addition to the standard equipment of 3 star hotel above, there are many other criteria that 3-star hotel much focus such as: quality of service guests, the service attitude of staff,  furniture consumption depreciation hotel … We hope that through posts, you will have more useful information for the construction and purchase of equipment for 3-star hotel.

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