Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

Tea break hotel process and necessary notes

Tea break plays an important role in the success of an event, and is an opportunity to show the level and quality of hotel services. So tea break hotel needs to comply with the process.  We will mention some necessary notes when organizing tea break party.

Basic steps for successful tea break

Tổ chức tea break khách sạn cần lưu ý những gì?
We should pay attention on what things in tea break organization

Tea break plays an important role in the success of an event. Therefore, to organize a good tea break, you need to pay much attention. The basic steps for organizing a tea party include:

Determine the place, where the tea break is held 

Tea parties are usually held with the event. Therefore, the party location should not be too far from the hall. Should choose a wide space, open and balanced with the number of participants to the party is not crowded, cramped.

Determine the time to organize tea break hotel

Depending on the purpose and duration of the conference to determine the appropriate time for the tea party. For events that take place in a short time, tea break can be held before or after the event ends. For events that take place 3-4 hours, consider the time to organize a suitable tea party, not to make guests tired and stressed.

A regular tea break usually lasts from 20-40 minutes. Need to plan the exact time of the party so as not to affect the other plans of the event.

Chú ý đối tượng tham gia tiệc tea break để có thực đơn phù hợp
Notice the participants of the tea break to have a suitable menu

Determining the number of participants in the tea party

The number of people attending the tea party is usually the number of people attending the event. If the tea party takes place before or after the event, the number of participants may be less.

Determining the number of party participants helps the organizers not passively in the process of preparing and serving the party. At the same time, there is no shortage or excess of food and drinks to use.

Determine the tea party menu

Tea party menu in each hotel, each time period is different. However, each tea party must have cakes and some basic drinks: spring water, tea, fruit juice, …

Tea party menu depends on many factors:

  • Scale, number of guests attending the party
  • Hotel class, event standard
  • Hold time
  • Customer’s request
  • Organizational costs
Tổ chức tea break khách sạn không cần các món quá đắt, xong phải đảm bảo ngon và chất lượng
Tea break hotel does not need too expensive items, it must ensure good and quality

Tea break service process

The process of serving tea break party includes many stages. In order for the tea party to be successful, every stage must be carefully prepared and conducted.

The preparation process before the tea break takes place

Clean and decorate the party area

Prepare and clean, dry the necessary tools for party: knives, forks, spoons, cups,… The number of appliances must be commensurate with the number of guests attending.

Have food and drinks available on the menu in a convenient and beautiful way

Work during tea break

Invite guests to attend the party, answer questions of guests when necessary

Observe and serve the needs for guests to attend at the right time: replace knives, forks, food supplements, …

Clean up after the tea party is over

Clean up used items in the party, sort and take them to the designated place.

Cleaning tables and chairs, cleaning banquet area.

Để tiệc tổ chức tea break khách sạn thành công, phải lưu ý nhiều chi tiết nhỏ
To make the party tea break hotel success, must pay attention to many small details

Some notes when organizing Tea break party

To have a successful tea party you should note:

Select the appropriate menu

Tea break tea party is simple, is a time of relaxation and recess. Therefore, the menu in tea party is simple dishes: cakes, fruits, tea, …. Absolutely not put the main dishes cumbersome into tea break.

Should be based on the guests to provide the menu accordingly to avoid taboos and can serve guests in the best way.

Note when decorating tea break

Tea break decorations are also important. Party decorations can be based on the theme of the accompanying event, the audience, the season, etc.

Food and drinks should be arranged in a reasonable and scientific way.

Can add lights, flowers, balloons, bow ties, … to make the party more luxurious and outstanding.

Tea party tools

In a tea break, people often choose to use plastic plates, forks, spoons or disposable paper to create a gentle feeling for guests.

If using porcelain or stainless steel, it is recommended to choose small, lightweight designs for guests to easily carry and move, interact with people at the party.

Some other notes

Place a number of chairs, dining tables around the tea break venue for guests to rest on their feet when necessary.

Choose music background and soft light to add the atmosphere, creating a feeling of comfort for guests.

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