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The 5 most important criteria for evaluating a “beautiful” hotel

Hotel evaluation criterias: safety, cleanliness, friendliness and hospitality, quietness, beautiful location, room quality, cuisine, …

Hotel design

A beautiful hotel must literally be a hotel with beautiful design, luxury and suitability. Each person will have different idea about the beauty, some people like the European style, some people like the neoclassical style, some people like to dynamic, modern hotel. However, Visitors all concerntrate on the comfort and convenience when choosing to stay at hotel, resort.

In order to have a nice hotel design suitable for the hotel business, you need to take care of the interior, especially the bedroom furniture. All furnishings or decorations need to be appropriate to your hotel from color to design. Avoiding feng shui conflicts or arrange furniture that cause uncomfortable feeling or not comfortable for guests stay.

Clean and hygienic

Sanitation is an extremely important thing in the hotel business. This is a very important hotel rating. It can be said that this is a vital element that you can not take lightly. What if the customer saw a stain on your hotel  bedding  , cotton towels that were not clean? As a visitor, you absolutely not like this at a professional hotel. Therefore, hygiene is always a factor that is the hotels are very focused and considered it as a principle of their survival. Make sure the hotel cleaning staff is available and clean up the room and other areas of the hotel. A clean hotel is very popular with customer.

Service attitude

Service attitude is one of the criteria that use most to evaluate the hotel via website You can easily find the lines that judge dissatisfaction about the service attitude of the hotel staff. As the king, customers always expect to receive quality service. Not only beautiful design, full service but the smile, the words, the enthusiasm, the communication pleasure of staff also help your hotel more beautiful in the eyes of customers. Especially, with 4, 5 star hotels, the service attitude is more important.

Location is also the criterion for hotel evaluation

Location is also the criterion for hotel evaluation

 If your hotel is located in a tourist resort, then you will want it as close to the sea as possible. It is show that the position is a very important factor in getting a beautiful hotel. Because, a hotel is located near the center, nice view, convenient for sightseeing or other services around such as markets, shopping centers, amusement parks are the details that visitors pay more attention. If your hotel is in a good location then the number of visitors will be much larger.

Equipment in the hotel

Hotel amenities or facilities in the hotel is also a factor that should not be miss in the hotel evaluation criteria. In addition to ensuring the standard of star hotel with the necessary equipment, you should also equip your hotel  with the  appropriate hotel equipment. Suitable here means matching the star of the hotel with customer that your hotel is targeting. Each visitors will need different amenities you should that  appropriate for them.

Equipment, amenities items are important hotel criterias

The appliances in the hotel bedroom are the details you should pay more attention to. As most of the time guests stay at the hotel is in the bedroom so need to take care of the items in the room such as bed sheets pillows, towels, toothbrush toothpaste, shampoo. They are the necessary amenities in the hotel that match the standard as well as the quality of hotel services. However, do not waste the use of   expensive hotel amenities that do not meet the hotel standards.

With the criteria to have a beautiful hotel as above, you also have your own idea to design and build yourself a beautiful hotel that can keep your customers.


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