Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

The five important criterias for 5 star rating

5 star hotel is the highest hotel standard in Vietnam today. Let Star Solutions find out the standards of 5 star hotel now!

The standard of 5-star hotel rating in term of the location, architecture of the hotel

The five-star hotel’s standard rating for the hotel’s public spaces includes:

  • The hotel must be located in convenient transportation location, beautiful and clean scenery surroundings.
  • Special architectural design, beautiful design, beautiful elegant, unified, interior design.
  • Minimum number of rooms is 100 rooms
  • There is green space, large garden (this condition is not mandatory for hotels in the city center)
  • The hotel’s parking area must be sufficient for 50% of the total number of rooms.
  • Types of dining rooms are required: Asian, European dining, banquet rooms, specialties, night bar with dance floor and orchestra.
The standard 5-star hotel rating for the location, architecture of the hotel

For the administrative area:

  • Office of the Director, Deputy Director
  • Living room
  • Professional, technical departments
  • Room service

Room for staff:

  • Separate changing rooms for men and women
  • Bathrooms, toiletries for men and women
  • Dining room for service staff

Laundry area


Kitchen, food storage

5 star hotel kitchen Standard includes:

  • Porcelain wall, at least 2 m high, non-slip flooring material
  • Separate hot and cold food processing area
  • Fully equipped with cold storage, the warehouse is sufficient ventilation
  • Soundproof, insulated and odor-proof doors, a room between kitchen and dining room.
  • Good ventilation
Request for hotel facilities in hotel

Request for hotel facilities, amenities at hotel

  • Beautiful design, synchronous and modern. The bedroom is decorated harmoniously, full of light, modern and high quality equipment.
  • Premium carpets cover the entire bedroom, hallways and stairs in the hotel.
  • Air conditioning is available in all areas of the hotel
  • Clean water system always works, clean water for drinking.
  • The hotel has 3 floors or more and must be equipped with a separate elevator for guests, staff and goods
  • There is a lift for disabled guests
  • Bedrooms use card reader door lock
  • Equipped with bath tub for 100% room and private bath room for 30% of room
  • Additional equipment such as: health scale, sanitary wares for women.
  • Other hotel facilities according  to 4 star hotel standards

Request service in 5 star hotel

  • Change face and bath towel  periodically 2 times / 1 day
  • Place fresh fruits, newspapers, magazines daily.
  • Clean room twice a day
  • The service time is 24/24. Room service is available upon request.
  • Catering services: serving European and Asian dishes, banquets, Vietnamese and international specialties; Serving beverages of all kinds (made by the hotel itself). Dishes, high-quality beverages, menu changes frequently
  • Buffet breakfast
  • The amenities list as 4 star hotel. However, at the 5-star hotel there is a cinema concert room, conference room with full facilities, self service for car rental, aesthetic services, tennis, service for Disabled persons, child care services.

Staff requirement

  • For hotel managers (directors), they must have university degree, professional qualification in tourism management, have at least 3 years of hotel management experience, fluent in 1 foreign language.
  • For service personnel must be professionally trained, the staff must directly be proficient in one foreign language, the receptionist must master two foreign languages ​​balance without defects.
  • The quality and service attitude of staff must be dedicated, attentive, always ready to meet all requirements of customers.

The above are the requirements, criteria for star rating 5 star hotel needed. For more information on  5-star  hotel equipment, please visit  our website  or contact our  Hotline: 094.76.11111  for the best advice on equipment for 5 star hotel.

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