Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

The hidden benefits that amenities items bring to the hotel

Hotel amenities are not only available for visitors, but also the benefits behind it is  unexpected.

The  hotel amenities creating the impression on visitors mind

Put yourself in the position of a guest and try to make a comparison. You will have a good impression with which the hotel with the different quality of product like this. One sets is printed  the logo and hotel name on the body product. The remaining amenities are plain white and only in a thin white bag. Surely you will choose and believe the product with the logo then.

The hotel amenities that are printed in the logo of the hotel will be saved in the visitor’s mind as a mark. if the next time they come back to travel, the hotel name will pop up in their mind. So it’s a very effective way to keep your visitors.

Lợi ích ngầm mà đồ amenities mang lại cho khách sạn
The hidden benefits that amenities bring to the hotel

In addition, some items such as  shampoos for  high-grade hotel bath, user can bring home as a souvenir in their bathroom.

Amenities enhance the hotel services

If you go to a general hotel, there are only two bottles of shampoo and shower gel. In a different hotel, you will also get two extra bottles of hair conditioner and body lotion. Intelligent guests will often spend a little more money to enjoy the quality and full service of a hotel of this size. Because they are going to enjoy, not to the hotels that are not comfortable enough than at home. Therefore, investing in a quality and complete amenities will help to improve your hotel.

Amenities enhance the hotel services

The amenities help the poor children of the world

More and more hotels tend to use environmentally friendly products  and join hands in the benefits of the community. There is now a non-governmental organization called Clean The World, which works to collect soap in the hotel for cleaning and recycling into quality soap to support poor countries in Asia and Africa.

It is said that millions of children die each year from diarrhea and one of the ways to reverse the disease is to wash their hands with soap. Therefore, if your hotel is losing so much of these products, do not throw it away, but collect it, sort out and support the charity. This is really a very humane action that few people think that hotel amenities are the one-time items with a life cycle.

Hotel amenities are helping the poor children of the world

You see, the hotel amenities are small but not small at all, they always give your hotel and the community out there that can not be measured in money. So, Star Solutions we are honored to bring these hidden benefits to your hotel through the  quality hotel amenities that we are distributing. Give us the opportunity to upgrade your hotel once, you will find your hotel business road more favorable than ever.

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