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The hottest hotel solution containers

Hotel solution containers are becoming more common and familiar. Check out the hottest hotel container samples below to choose for your hotel the most beautiful, luxurious and appropriate.

BDI 06 wall-mounted solution containers

BDI 06 wall-mounted solution containers

When referring to the sample of the hotel solution containers, we must mention the sample wall- mounted solution BDI 16 stainless steel. It is very popular with many advantages:

  • Premium stainless steel material, anti-rust, very suitable for bathroom, wet floor.
  • Flexible button, just brush the right amount of liquid, it’s fast and convenient.
  • The bottle has a convenient swivel lid, large diameter, very easy to clean, replace the solution inside.
  • Premium stainless steel material is easy to color as you want, meet all needs of customers.

In addition, this model has many designs: single, double, triple, … can be synchronized with all three types of liquid: shower gel, shampoo, hand washing, … at the same time. Wall-mounted container design helps to save the bathroom space and bring a comfortable, professional bathroom.

Liquid containers with faucets resin BDV 08

The BDV 18 containers  are designed to look perfect:

  • The surface is smooth, the color varied like fine ceramic products.
  • Flexible faucet are moderately sized, easy to use and durable, limited cracking during use.
  • The lid is covered with gold platinum. Visually it is very easy to confuse with products made of metal.
  • Resin containers of various sizes and designs, easy to color and shape. 

In addition, the hottest hotel solution container resin BDV 18 is very durable. Therefore, it is possible to limit the breakage, cracking. Unlike conventional glass or plastic products.

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Liquid solution with faucet stainless steel BDV 18

Fluid solution with faucet stainless steel BDV 18

Inox is a material that is applied in many production equipment, hotel equipment. This stainless steel faucet is favored by:

  • The surface is smooth, delicate, no blemishes, modern colors, luxury. The original silver color of stainless steel is very easy to mix. Therefore, it is easy to set up a harmonious, modern and comfortable bathroom space.
  • Variety of size. Depending on the wishes of the hotel, the choice of a suitable size.
  • Stainless steel has a relatively high life expectancy. Therefore, using the solution containers BDV 18 of Star Solutions, you will not have to worry about problems: broken, cracked, rust … In particular, the absolute anti-rust of BDV 18 is suitable to use in bathrooms, where having moisture atmosphere.
  • BDV 18 also has the ability to prevent dust, dirt, easy to clean, daily cleaning.

In addition to the three hottest models, Star Solutions also has a lot of different types of bottle , theyare extremely diverse in style: luxury, modern, classic, aristocratic, young, … click here for the latest Solutions container of Star Solutions.

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