Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

The job categories that hotel reception should learn by heart

What kind of job that all receptionist must know when working  at the hotel? Hotel contact information, services, room rates, workflows, …

Contact information of the hotel

  • Full name of the hotel, the hotel’s usual name
  • Specific address: number, road, district, province / city.
  • Phone number of the hotel
  • Fax number of the hotel
  • Country phone code  
  • Hotel email address
  • Website address, hotel facebook  

These are the first things hotel receptionists need to remember when working. Because for many visitors, especially foreign guests will often have questions around this issue.

Điều gì lễ tân cần thuộc làu khi làm việc tại khách sạn?
The job categories that hotel reception should learn by heart

The way to get to the hotel by transportation

When training hotel reception, there is a problem not to be missed. It is to remember the location characteristics of the hotel. From there, it is possible to direct visitors to the hotel by various means: cars, buses, motorbikes, ships, …

In addition, the receptionist must also know how to reach the hotel. Especially the roads have locations: airports, bus stations, shopping centers, tourist spots, …

There are plenty of guests who don’t know how to get to the hotel, or get lost when traveling nearby. At this point, they will call to the reception and get directions. Belonging to the road will make the hotel reception not be confused in these cases.

Types of rooms in the hotel

  • Know the characteristics of hotel rooms: room view, windows, services – corresponding facilities.
  • Price for each room type  
  • Location of room types distribution in the general map of the hotel.
  • The road, the elevator to all rooms in the hotel.

=> Purpose:  to introduce and sell for Walk-in guest rooms

Department of the hotel

  • Knowing the basic functions – tasks of the hotel department.
  • Know the names of the people who are in charge of the hotel department.
  • Know the internal contact number of department…

Purpose:  to quickly contact departments, professionals who need to respond and resolve customer complaints.

Điều gì lễ tân cần thuộc làu khi làm việc tại khách sạn?
The job categories that hotel reception should learn by heart

The F&B services that the hotel offers

  • Know the names of F&B service outlets in the hotel: restaurant, bar, cafe, lounge …
  • Now open all outlet.
  • The main dish, drinks – popular in the hotel
  • Special promotions  
  • Price applied …

Purpose:  to introduce, advise guests to stay specific information about the services, food products of the hotel.

Conference room – hotel banquet room

  • Know the names of conference rooms – banquet rooms
  • Location of rooms in the general map of the hotel.
  • Road to the rooms.
  • Room size and capacity.
  • Phone number is directly contacted to the duty officer who in charge of the book service room, banquet …

Purpose:  to provide some basic information for guests when being asked about rental services of conference rooms, banquet rooms and directions for guests.

Understanding the hotel’s full-service  

  • All package services are provided by the hotel.
  • Detailed information about special promotions package services.
  • Time limit for application of preferential programs …

   The purpose:  to provide rapid information on the service package and promotion services to guests.

Understanding of other hotel services

  • Know the location and how to guide the way to the center to provide office services, Gym, Spa service center, swimming pool, karaoke room, game area, children’s play area … of the hotel.
  • Service hours of these services.
  • Basic information about these services of the hotel: service packages, promotions are applied …

   The purpose:  to provide information to guests about the utility services of the hotel upon check-in or when asked.

Know the price of different services in the hotel

  • Laundry service rates
  • Babysitter’s service price
  • Rental price of equipment
  • Price for movie watching service in the hotel
  • Beverage prices + mini bar snacks in guest rooms …

⇒ Purpose:  to be ready to answer questions about service rates of guests staying in hotels.

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