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The most popular hotel booking forms today

Hotel reservation forms. How to keep the room longer after booking. What is a guaranteed and unsecured reservation?

Principle of booking guaranteed reservation 

What is guaranteed reservation?

Guaranteed reservation is a basic booking form in the hotel. Accordingly, hotels and tenants must comply with certain agreements:


The guest will have to pay the entire amount in advance or deposit in advance with the amount specified by each hotel.

For corporate customers, businesses must have prior contracts and deposits as prescribed by the hotel.

In the event that a reservation is made without guarantee and no notice of cancellation is required, guests will be responsible for one-night room payment corresponding to the number of rooms they have booked.

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Đặt phòng đảm bảo là gì?
What is guaranteed reservation?

Requirements with guaranteed reservation form:

  • Pay for the entire room
  • Deposit in advance according to the specified percentage of the hotel
  • Use a credit card
  • Accounts of companies have contracts with hotels …


The hotel must keep the room booked by the customer until the check out time of the 2nd day, counting from the date the guest intends to arrive.

In addition, the hotel can keep the room longer as required by the tenant. In this case, there will be other special arrangements for the deposit, payment, check-in / check-out date.

For example: When a guest makes a reservation with a reservation form and intends to check in on November 5, 2018. At that time, guests must keep that room until 12:00 noon (or check-in procedures according to separate regulations of each hotel) on November 6, 2018

When to make a reservation, make sure:

Guaranteed hotel booking is usually done at hotels in key tourist provinces and cities, especially during the tourist season, weekends and holidays. Because at that time, the hotel is very easy to run out of rooms, if you do not deposit in advance, the tenant may not find the ideal room.

When booking for a travel group, agencies and collectives should also use this booking form to ensure that the room is kept and adequate, not missing, must be separated, difficult to manage.

Non – Guaranteed Reservation 

The principle when booking Non – Guaranteed Reservation 

Có nên đặt phòng khách sạn không đảm bảo?
Should book Non – Guaranteed Reservation?

Non – Guaranteed Reservation as the hotel booking form where tenants only register to keep the room in advance, without prepayment or room deposit. Accordingly, the hotel will only hold the booked rooms for guests to a certain time on the day of arrival. Room hours vary from hotel will be notified to guests as soon as the reservation is made.

After that time, if the customer does not come to check in, no cancellation is required, the hotel has the right to rent the room to another guest.

For example: Customers booking in a form that is not guaranteed and intends to check in on November 5, 2018. At that time, the hotel will keep the room for guests until 16:00 on November 5, 2018 (may be earlier or later than 16:00, depending on the hotel policy). After the specified time, if the guest does not come to check in, the hotel may rent a room that the guest has booked for another person.

Should book Non – Guaranteed Reservation?

Hotel reservations do not guarantee that the tenants may not have to pay or deposit in advance. Therefore, if there is a cancellation, the tenant will not lose the deposit.

However, booking a hotel is not guaranteed to make guests lose room. Especially in the tourist season, holidays.

For hotels, it is also easy to make unsuccessful bookings for customers. Therefore, for guests who book multiple rooms at the same time or book a holiday, many hotels often do not accept this reservation.

Hotel reservations are guaranteed and not guaranteed to have the same advantages and disadvantages. Depending on the needs, purpose and time of booking, tenants choose the appropriate booking method. The hotel also needs to provide separate standards for each form of booking to both satisfy customers and bring the highest profit to the hotel.

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