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The plan to set up a “technical barrier” to stop massive hotel construction in Danang

Danang People’s Committee plans to set up “technical barriers” to control the massive hotel construction, avoiding traffic, electricity and water overload.

Increase 6,000 rooms per year

According to statistics in 2011, the whole city of Da Nang has only 260 accommodation establishments with 8,736 rooms. By 2017, there will be 693 accommodation establishments with 28,780 rooms, 2.6 times . It is forecasted that in 2018-2020, this number will continue to grow strongly, with an average annual increase of about 86 establishments with 6,000 rooms. Hotel construction is growing strongly in this province.

Những năm gần đây số lượng khách sạn tại Đà Nẵng tăng đột biến. Ảnh
In recent years, the number of hotels in Da Nang has increased sharply. Photo

Mrs. Truong Thi Hong Hanh – Deputy Director of Da Nang Tourism Department, said: The development of tourist accommodation (mainly hotels) in the city during the time is extremely hot, making the analysis, forecasting, construction and planning meeting many difficulty.

Only on a short route, from the foot of Son Tra Mountain to Xuan Huong Lake, only a few year, hundred of the hotel have been built. Not only here, in the small roads in the area of ​​Ha Bong Street, An Cu (Son Tra district), the number of 1-2 star hotels covered with dense density.

As a hot spot in An Thuong (An My Ward, Ngu Hanh Son District), only in 2017, dozens of hotels are built. Most of the people in this area have sold the land to investors for high prices and then find new accommodation, making room for the hotel.

Nhiều tuyến đường lúc nào cũng kẹt cứng ôtô khách, taxi, xe con. Ảnh
Many roads are jammed with cars, taxis, cars. Photo

The massive influx of hotels and accommodation has caused serious overcrowding in many parts of the city. On routes only 5.5 – 5.7m wide, it is always hard to stay in peak condition.

Control construction targets with “technical barriers”

Facing the hot growth of the Da Nang tourism industry, especially in the field of tourism real estate, on January 30, Danang People’s Committee held a meeting and proposed solutions “technical barriers” The bloom of the hotel in the future.

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Đà Nẵng cần thắt chặt công tác quản lý xây dựng quy hoạch khách sạn trong thời gian tới. Ảnh
Da Nang needs to tighten the management of hotel planning in the future. Photo

Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Tuan – Vice Chairman of Da Nang People’s Committee, said: “Now there are many coastal areas such as An Thuong, Q.Guoc Hanh Son have the situation of people selling houses to other places to build a hotel or business services. The growth of tourism is indispensable trend because the city selected it as a spearhead economic sector, so now there is only a way to orient the construction of accommodation suitable for the whole city .

Mr. Tuan also added that the City People’s Committee can not introduce regulations prohibiting the construction of hotels because people are entitled to business under the Law on Enterprises. The city can only provide regulations that limit the concentration of too many hotels in one area. It is expected that the “technical barriers” of the City People’s Committee will provide architectural planning criteria. “The width of the road or the narrow road should be taken into account in order to allow the hotel to be built in many floors, and the strict condition of having parking lots and other compulsory construction criteria,” Tuan said.

According to Mrs. Truong Thi Hong Hanh – Deputy Director of Da Nang Tourism Department, said that the city now needs to supplement the type of tourist accommodation standard, restrict the facilities are not encouraged to develop . At the same time, set specific construction criteria for each type to suit the planning.

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