Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

The quality hotel laundry bag with awesome design

Quality laundry bags are the best at Star Solutions. Detailed images and descriptions of laundry bags are TGL01, 02, 06

In addition to essential items such as toothbrushes , razors , shampoos, shower gel , …, your hotel amenities can not miss the laundry bag. Laundry bags not only play a role in ensuring the quality of service of the hotel, but also to promote the brand image of the hotel.

So, how to get the best laundry bag product? Yes, the quality of products and design are two important factors can not be ignored. Today, Star Solutions would like to introduce to you the laundry products that are beautiful design, high quality and are being used by thousands of hotels today.

Những mẫu túi giặt là khách sạn chất lượng, thiết kế đẹp
The laundry bag with quality, beautiful design

TGL 01 hotel Laundry bag

This is the product that hotel experts appreciate the durability. With high quality raw materials,  TGL 01 is extremely thick, recyclable and especially environmentally friendly. The logo, the name of the hotel, is printed quite subtly on the surface of the bag, as a reminder that customers remember and deepen the hotel’s brand into the mind.

The TGL 01 laundry bag is designed with a lightweight square design, up to 55 * 45cm, which can hold many items inside, such as: clothes, cosmetics, food … The handbags are equipped with handy drawstring, just put in the bag, pull the string and tie them together so that the inside will be protected and can not fall out.

Túi giặt là khách sạn TGL 01
TGL 01 hotel Laundry bag

TGL 02 laundry hotel Model

TGL 02 is the product design style is the most convenient and most class. The product is made from non-woven fabric – material derived from nature, easily decomposed in the environment and does not contain any harmful substances. The product can be reused several times, helping the hotel save a significant cost.

What’s more, customers now prefer to use non-woven bags. When they leave the hotel, they can bring 1, 2 of your laundry bags and use them in their daily lives. This is one of the ways, helping the hotel spread its image further and stay longer in the customer’s heart.

Not only quality, design of TGL 02 is also a factor to create advantage for this product. With rectangular design “square edge”, elegant color, luxury, this laundry bag will surely impress the visitors at first sight.

TGL 02 grips are firmly sewn on both sides of the bag mouth with good bearing capacity, can be crossed together very handy. On the surface there are floating lines sewn meticulously and refined not only increase the durability but also make the bag look more aesthetic.

Mẫu túi giặt là khách sạn TGL 02
TGL 02 hotel laundry Model

TGL 06 high-class Laundry bag

This is a bag with a large design of size up to 50 * 56cm, so it can hold more items than two bags above. The product is made from high quality raw material called canvas fabric, which is made from the finest cotton fibers carefully selected and handled to ensure that the bag is durable. With this bag, the hotel can be re-used several times, just after use, put them into the washing machine, wash it then dried, folded and put them in clean plastic bags, can continue use.

This TGL 06 laundry bag can hold clothes, cosmetics, shoes, food, etc. with a comfortable drawstring at the mouth of the bag, you do not have to worry about furniture falling out. However, as with other fabric products, TGL 06 does not have the ability to be waterproof, so the hotel can not put wet items in the bag.

With this bag, investors can choose different colors for them to fit the most. You can choose the deep, simple but the guarantee of luxury such as white, brown, black, gray, … Do not use too bright colors because these fabrics are often dyed and The durability of the color is not high. These bags can fade into clothes or belongings of customers.

Túi giặt là khách sạn cao cấp TGL 06
TGL 06 high-class Laundry bag


Above are three laundry bags are being used by most hotels in Vietnam. With high quality materials, modern design, suitable trend, surely these designs will meet your requirements.

Choosing the design you like but to get the best product, sure investors must find reputable and quality suppliers. With more than 15 years in the supply of hotel equipment and supplies , Star Solutions is proud to be a partner with many hotels across the country.

Come to us today, to be consulted and selected for your hotel laundry bag quality with the most modern design, along with the other hotel-class products.

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