Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

The risk from poor quality toothbrushes

Poor quality hotel toothbrushes harm not only  for the user but also cause many harm to the hotel

The origin of poor quality disposable hotel toothbrushes   

Walking around the market in Hanoi, at the wholesale market or the temporary market, there are hundred types of poor quality, cheap price toothbrush. These types of brushes do not have clear origin, no packaging, labels made in Chinese or Thailand.

Most of these brushes are produced mainly in Vietnam or smuggled from China via the border. Due to the very cheap price, this type of toothbrush is usually produced and imported in large quantities.

The owners here said that the owner of cheap hotel often come here to order. They want to buy in as many quantities also, depending on the needs of use that put in large or small quantities. The price of this type of brush is very cheap, fluctuating in the range of 400 – 600 dong / piece or even cheaper.

Tác hại của bàn chải khách sạn kém chất lượng với người sử dụng
The impact of poor quality hotel toothbrushes on users

The impact of poor quality hotel toothbrushes on users

In each of us, every time we travel has used at least once used disposable toothbrush,  low quality hotels , cheap prices are placed in the rest room in the bathroom of the hotel. This type of brush is very harmful to teeth, gums:

  • The bristles are very hard. When brushing, the toothbrush that hit the gum and root cause discomfort.
  • For those with sensitive teeth, there will immediately be the phenomenon of swelling and scratches.
  • For people with strong teeth, this is the time of incubation. After a period, the user is very susceptible to the following diseases: gingivitis, toothache, marrow inflammation, etc. If used more, long-term use will affect badly on enamel.

Therefore, bad quality hotel toothbrushes are very dangerous to the user. These hazards that the host, the hotel knows but often ignore, not care about the health of visitors.

Mối nguy hại khôn lường từ bàn chải đánh răng kém chất lượng
The risk from poor quality toothbrushes

The risk when choosing the poor quality toothbrush with users

Choosing the poor quality toothbrush for tourists, the investor can save a small cost but then will suffer many serious consequences:


  • Losing the trust of customers, losing a large number of customers: Most of the visitors if not satisfied with the service, especially the quality of amenities will leave a bad impression on the hotel. They will not go back to the hotel again, even, leave on that day.
  • Foreign visitors often leave feedback whenever they arrive. If their negative feedbacks appear on social networking sites, the reputation of the hotel will suffer. The hotel will lose many other prospective visitors.
  • The ratings of visitors will cause the hotel to be downgraded to many rankings, booking site, travel. This will adversely affect the business of the hotel.

Tips from Star Solutions

When you step into the hotel business, everyone wants to save money to get the most profit. However, we also expect the hoteliers will not because the profit, but ignore the danger to the health of customers. So the new business can grow in a sustainable and long-term way.

Star Solutions  is a multi-year experienced  in hotel amenities, which is selected by the hotels with a lot of positive feedback from the visitors. We bring to market the good quality toothbrush products with eye-catching appearance.

All Star Solutions hotel disposable brushes are manufactured on modern technology lines, which do not pose any harm to users at prices ranging from 900 to 3,500 VND/ item. These toothbrushes are suitable for motels, hotels from budget to luxury, satisfying both the owner and visitors.

Please contact us for advice and order.

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