Thiết bị đồ dùng khách sạn nhà hàng cao cấp

The two most popular razor packaging in the hotel today

Hotel razor packaging has the role of protecting and enhancing the aesthetics of the product. The two most popular razors packaging are paper and plastic.

Plastic hotel razor packaging

With durability, thinness, lightweight and convenience, plastic packaging is a perfect choice for hotel razors as well as hotel amenities. With excellent water and moisture resistance, the items, the interior details will be preserved in the best way.

Convenient nylon packaging is made from high quality hard plastic and high strength, similar to the plastic used to wrap candies or cakes that we usually see. Plastic packaging will be sealed with four edges to ensure no gap, help to maintain hygiene as well as avoid the influence of external factors. For convenience and ease of use, one end of the packaging will be designed with quick ripping instructions.

With the nylon material you can easily print your logo, brand name as well as your hotel address up there, just to add aesthetics to the suit as well as for extra luxurious bathroom space. With this material, when putting the razor or bathroom items, customers can be completely assured about the water resistance of the packaging.

With plastic covers on the top, visitors can easily see where the razor is located. What’s more, with its durable and sealed, this razor will make your shaving kit easier to store.

Bao bì đựng dao cạo râu khách sạn bằng nilon
Plastic hotel razor packaging

Paper packaging for hotel razor

The hotel ‘s razor will be more luxurious and classy when putting in a paper packaging with modern design that captures the look. C250 and C300 are two types of paper commonly used for packaging for consumables products. There are also other cheaper models, such as C200, C210 or C230, …

With paper box packaging, you can get very unique design ideas for hotel consumable kit . High-grade paper with excellent printability, you can color the packaging according to the hotel’s main color tone or your personal preferences. Highlighted logos, sharp product illustrations, make your hotel razor more luxurious and classy. With a square and sturdy box design, this packaging makes it easy to arrange and decorate the bathroom.

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Bao bì hộp giấy đựng dao cạo râu khách sạn
Paper packaging for hotel razor

However, due to the paper material, transportation should be very careful to avoid the box is distorted or blown. The storage capacity of this material is less durable than plastic wrapping, so you need to pay close attention to preservation.

With these two materials you can design a perfect package for the razor as well as hotel amenities . Only a small packaging for the hotel razor can stop you from gaining a little extra benefits: better preservation; ensure the hygiene and safety of the items; Decoration for modern bathroom and amenities; Most of all, you can impress your customers with good looks and come back to the hotel next time.

With our small suggestions, Star Solutions hopes that you will have the best choice for your hotel razor and hotel amenities. If you would like more information, please contact Star Solutions today for advice and to order.

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