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Three distinct points of toothbrush come from Star Solutions

What is the difference between Star Solutions toothbrushes and other hotel toothbrushes? The advantages of Star Solutions hotel toothbrushes

Product quality

Toothbrushes from Star Solutions are made from high-grade PE and HDPE plastic materials that are less exposed to weather, non-cancerous, and safe to users.

The brush body has good hardness and elasticity, high forming ability and firm grip. Smooth, soft bristle brush. Modern bristle technology ensures that the bristle attack strongly to the brush.

Toothbrush products of Star Solutions are produced on modern production technology, clear origin, ensuring absolute safety for users.

Bàn chải đánh răng đến từ Star Solutions có chất lượng đảm bảo
Toothbrushes from Star Solutions are guaranteed quality

Design and product

The general advantages of the toothbrush design  from the Star Solutions

The toothbrush models  from Star Solutions are designed with sturdy handles, armrests, tendons to avoid slipping when using. The small and elongated brush head makes deep cleaning and moves into every corner of the oral cavity. The small brush helps protect the gums better. 

The bristles are moderately hard, the bristle are small, the bristle are pointed and stratified. This design will help to brush the teeth, remove plaque and scraps of food left on the teeth to brighten teeth, no yellow stains and clean plaque. At the same time, soft bristle will not cause gingivitis, toothache, tooth root bleeding, rootitis, marrow inflammation, … so absolutely safe for users.

The big difference between toothbrushes of Star Solutions and other toothbrushes same type on the market is the bristles made of medical bristle, it’s very soft and safe for users and not hurt the gums, do not cause dental disease during use.

Bàn chải đánh răng đến từ Star Solutions có kiểu dáng đa dạng
Toothbrushes from Star Solutions come in a variety of designs

Various design in each toothbrushes

Clear handle toothbrush

Hotel owners can pour their favorite colors to match the space and interior of your hotel from pastel tones; to modern dark tone or warm bass tone with classic style.

For the solid handle toothbrush  

The toothbrushes are made close to the brushes used in the home and are designed with sophisticated designs, elegance, eye-catching with a variety of colors. Customers can comfortably choose to match the space, hotel interior.

In addition, we can produce white brushes in accordance with requests from hotel owners and store support for customers in the inner city of Hanoi for 3 months in the amount not more than 50% total number of orders.

Bàn chải đánh răng đến từ Star Solutions có giá thành cạnh tranh
Toothbrushes from Star Solutions are have competitive price

Competitive price

The toothbrush models from Star Solutions have very competitive prices, ranging in price from 900 to 3,500 VND / unit. At the same price, we meet the requirements of the hotel from generall to luxury.

In addition, Star Solutions also offers price-supported toothbrushes that help customers get the best brush products at a cheaper price than the market and other vendors. You can also see some other details in our hotel consumable kit for more options.

Hopefully with the sharing from Star Solutions hotel equipment , you will select the toothbrush model suitable for your hotel. Since then, improving the quality of products and services, achieving high profits, but still have the hotel safety products, protect the health of their visitors.

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