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Three reasons you should choose a leather bin for hotel bedrooms

The role and utility of using a leather bin in a hotel bedroom. The address that provides beautiful, cheap, quality leather bins in Hanoi

Garbage bins are good quality and durable

The model of leather garbage bins are highly appreciated by many investors. The product is durable, when the entire frame is made of high quality steel, the surface is sprayed with a 1.0mm thick stainless steel.

Advantages and also a factor to create a high aesthetics for this sample of bins is the cover layer on the outside is quite eye-catching with a variety of patterns and colors. The material used is genuine leather, high quality, good bearing capacity, high moisture resistance, dust free and easy to clean. The outstanding feature of this material is good slip resistance and no noise when shifting with soft rubber at the base.

Thùng đựng rác bọc da có chất lượng tốt và bền
Garbage bins are good quality and durable

The bin is Small, easy to arrange and decorate

The trash bin in the hotel bedroom  is designed quite compact with an average size of (Ø) 225mm x (H) 260mm. At this size, you can easily setup the ideal position for it without fear of hindering the path or breaking the landscape of the room.

Besides, with high quality leather on the outside is important factor turn it into effective decoration, enhance the beauty of the hotel bedroom. You can choose the color or texture on the leather based on the main color tone, design style of the room to get the most beautiful and harmonious product to arrange the bedroom.

Leather garbage bin with convenient to move and disposal

Another great feature of the leather-wrapped bin is the two-layer structure, which makes it easy to disassemble the core to handle the inner garbage while cleaning the toilet. With a layer of in the outside, you can clean quickly with just a soft brush and a bit of chemical polish.

With this convenience, garbage cans will help your hotel room staff save a lot of time cleaning. Garbage bins are definitely a perfect choice for managers to invest in their hotel bedroom.

Thùng đựng rác bọc da có kết cấu 2 lớp tiện dụng
Garbage bin with two-layer structure  

With a team of professional designers and the most modern production lines, Star Solutions will provide your hotel with the finest leather garbage bin. Besides, we are also very honored to bring to your hotel the products, equipmentand beautiful hotel quality.

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